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I ma going to test one small plant, in our factory. it is controlled by Siemens PLC 200 series CPU 226. I have micro win program, but don't have PC/ppi cable for that. I am trying to get this in my country. As I search and found, that it RS232 to RS485 converter cable. can I made this cable myself if someone help me to (...)
Hi, I'm doing some hobby practices with HMI/SCADA systems in LabView. I have an old Siemens S7-200 CPU 214 and it's work fine with PC/ppi cable and NI OPC Server. The PLC haven't any programming. The LabView "VI" diagram control I/O through OPC driver. The time response is quite slow (maybe 3 or 5 seconds) so I want try ethernet connection t
I don't know what interface have the touchwin device and what protocol use. But on S7-200 the interface is RS485 with gnd on pin 5 line A(Tx/Rx+) on 8 and line B(Tx/Rx-) on 3. The protocol is Siemens propietary ppi or MPI depending on settings. If your HMI have a RS485 interface and can use these protocols you can easily connect to S7-200. If HMI n
does any one have the schematic or design for the multimaster RS232/ppi cable for siemens plc step 7 200
i would like to have the schematic & design of this cable :rs232/ppi Multi-Master cable that connects the siemens S7-200 to a normal PC does anyone have Thnx
Please help me Home build ppi multi-master cable with pcb, sch. Thanks.
Do two basic 485 com ports on Siemens PLC S7-226 CPU unit have gavlanic insulation (if so, for what voltage levels)? Also, does the rs232/ppi cable for s7-200 family have galvanic insulation? Thanks.