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Hi Everyone , May be this is a stupid question but worth asking the experts ... For the years i have always gained theoretical knowledge about electronics but my practical electronics is very very bad ... i am looking for a book which is more focussed on practical electronics and design (...)
Such courses will not enable you to design a switching power supply professionally ( it will give you a solid knowledge about it); but the following 2 books will: practical Switching Power Supply Design by Marty brown Switchmode Power Supply handbook by Keith Billings
Hi, Following books will be useful for you- practical electronics handbook by Ian Sinclair and John Dunton. practical electronics for Inventors by Paul Scherz electronics Explained by Lou Frenzel Hands on - electronics by Daniel M. Kaplan and Christopher G. White. If (...)
yes see Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Razavi 2001 also i suggest practical electronics handbook by IAN R. SINCLAIR AND JOHN DUNTON
Have a look at this book: Newnes - practical electronics handbook - 6th Edition