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The best practical electronics book is you and your patience. You are better off learning by doing instead reading. Buy book with electronics projects or borrow one from library and do your little project experiment. You can also simulate project on pc. Reading a book is nothing compared to doing by trial and error (of course if you are (...)
Such courses will not enable you to design a switching power supply professionally ( it will give you a solid knowledge about it); but the following 2 books will: practical Switching Power Supply Design by Marty brown Switchmode Power Supply handbook by Keith Billings
I am wanting to learn about electronics but don?t know where to start. I have completed kits before and can do the practical stuff. I want to understand how they work and why. So can anyone let me know a good place/ book to start? and I am an electrician so I understand some of the theory of it, if thats not a hindrance. Thanks Mark
yes see Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Razavi 2001 also i suggest practical electronics handbook by IAN R. SINCLAIR AND JOHN DUNTON
Have a look at this book: Newnes - practical electronics handbook - 6th Edition