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From the site itself, if not also from it's forum, try the "" site. It has an expansive encyclopedia reference section devoted to education of microwave concepts and devices with a emphasis on real practical usage, and how to relate design theory to actual devices. What you get here is lots of expertise and discussio
Hi, Electronic Fans! I am looking for a wire diagram of DC 400v/ AC 230v with the power 2 Kw able stable to run. I would be thankful to everybody who is able to give me a practical hint. Many thanks. yutomakh
No, that?s not a practical solution? 8-) First, we use transformers usually for safety. The transformers provide galvanic isolation between AC power lines and the low voltage supply section protecting against electric shocks. Second, for the actual requirements we waste too much energy for a direct ?voltage to current converter?.
pls i need simple practical sine wave inverter dc to ac circuits
Moderator PLZ don't delete as i find no book in upload section regarding this Anyone plz upload this Book Verilog quickstart! a practical guide to simulation and synthesis by James Lee Thanks
Please, can anybody show me the picture of a pulse transformer and if there is a book on how to design a practical power transformer and pulse transformer please upload it. thanks babs
hello suppose I want to design a transciever in non ISM band of 1600MHZ ,can I use 433 MHZ ISM band ICs and mixer+PLL+VCO+ PA to upconvert TX part to 1600MHZ. and by adding LNA + filter+ mixer+pll+vco downconvert RX section(1600MHZ) to 433MHZ , and all other tasks is done in ISM band IC at 433MHZ? Is this practical? is this a good way?
below books are good HDL chip Design by Douglas Smith Verilog HDL synthesis A practical primer by J. Bhasker
What about some practical DSP implementations? If you are interested in, there are two good books bu Rulph Chassaign uploaded to the forum ("DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK"). They cover modern TI DSP implementations. Just search the upload section of the forum & analyse the TOCs.
Where can I find good tehoretical and practical guides for analysis and design of PI regulators in analog (s-domain) and digital (z-domain) case? Thanks.
Go to this article: "Theory and practical Considerations for Measuring Phase Noise Better Than –165 dBc/Hz" A simple registration is required.