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Hi A way of doing this Power supply spec??.. Vin = 1000v to 880v (source is 1000V but cable resistance between source and Power supply is 7.5 Ohms so actual vin drops with load) Vout = 48V Pout total = 12kW Efficiency 0.85 Pin total = 14100W Chosen Topology = In blocks of three Two Transistor forward converters with inputs stacked and
Sampling bandwidth is defined by the Nyquist criteria, i.e. the sampling frequency must be greater than twice the highest signal frequency of interest to reconstruct the waveform (in practice a significantly higher sample frequency than the minimum is usually used to allow analog low-pass filtering of the signal to minimize aliased noise). In the
Dear all, I'm choosing a 1W power amplifier for QAM 256, 20MHz bandwidth signal. as far I know, the QAM256. 20MHz signal is such like the below. 158119 the the total power of 20mhz signal is 1W=30dbm, the power of a 1HZ bandwidth signal is 30-10log(20*10^6)= -43dbm. besides, the PAR of 256QAM ~ 7-> the peak power of a
I am designing a traditional 1st order delta sigma modulator. I tried to find the input referred noise of the integrator and switching network (circuit is shown). I set vin+ = vin- =vcm & then I set v to be a square wave at a frequency fclk/2 (to emulate the limit cycle behavior of first-order delta sigma for code 0). This is my periodic steady sta
Dear friends, attached is the output stage of a fully differential push-pull class AB amplifier, in my previous design I used to control the output common mode voltage by using one CMFB connected to CM1 shown in the picture, the circuit was working fine, it came to my mind why not using two CMFB amplifier instead of one, where the other on
Dear friends, I found this cell from analog library of my foundry, it is classified as wide band amplifier, my question what the thing makes it wide band, what this architecture named so I can make further research on it Thank you Best Regards 158302
I am modeling LDO in PSpice, here i have selected spec as ZXCL280 in dropout vs output current I have understood this as resistance of the MOSFET from dropout graph. That is minimum resistance required for the MOSFET, 2 OHMS (Page No 4). I will be using Ron=1/kp(Vgs-vt)
I am having two speakers of oval shaped ones. Its value is 6 ohms. There are no markings on the speakers regarding minimal technical details on the speaker magnets. It is 9 inches in length & 5 inches in breadth. I want to know how many of wattage power it can take so that I can use suitable power amplifier. Is there a way to calculate the watt
I want to design a PA with 2 stages (Driver (Cascode topology) and the main PA (Common source)) to give for example maximum power equals 30 dBm (@10 GHz) with overall gain 15 dB. I calculated the aspect ratio of the transistors of the main PA to be in class AB. its S21 is about 6 dB. How I can choose the aspect ratio of the driver stages to feed
there is a designed MMIC power amplifier (@ 10 GHz) whose simulation results are acceptable in ADS and Cadence layout. when it was fabricated into IC it gives weird results, where its gain was about -10 dB :shock: and the peak points of this PA's gain is shifted to be 5 GHz rather than 10 GHz However the inductors are tested in simulator u
Hello,I am designing a two stage amplifier. my first stage amplies 33dB. On my second stage i have gm=126u rout=105.2||249K=105.2Ohm ,so its not amplifying at all i have -5 gain. our gain formula is A_2nd=gm*Rout if we increase PMOS W our gm rises but our Rout gets smaller ,If we have low PMOS rds then it doesnt matter what is the NMOS RDS beca
Hello , I have a 60 dB voltage amplifier,where each input has a Vdc source which keeps its bias point. I need to convert it into a current amplifier as shown bellow how do i BIAS my opamp when i use a current source input? Thanks. 158181
i found a 40 decibel rf amplifier on the internet. if i connect two of them together will i get 80 decibel amplification?
Hello, I have a schematic of audio amplifier using balanced power supply +12/-12 volts, in my application I only have +12V, I know that I need to add coupling caps on inputs and outputs , aslo I need a voltage devider on the +ve of the 2 operation amplifier to compensate the sigle power supply, any suggestions how to build that voltage devider
Hi folks, I am just curious about the op amp test circuit of analog devices, why is the feed back loop connected to the positive input of the DUT, knowing that positive feedbacks are unstable and saturates the ouput. Kindly refer to this article by analog devices.
Hi all, I have a question and a few concerns. I currently building a class amplifier for bass frequencies. the switching frequency is 30 kHz. My problem is that I am testing my amplifier on a breadboard which is rated at 1A. The Mosfets rail voltage is 28v and I need a output current of 7A for a output power of 200W for a 4 ohm load. I am scared
hi i read the powerpoint filewith name switched capacitor.pptx.( more details:data converters eect 7327-Switched-Capacitor Circuits-Professor Y. Chiu -2014) in slide 24(title:in sampling(phi_1 active)-noise in sc circuit-cascaded stages) is written: But parasitic loop delay may introduce peaking in freq. response, resulting in more integra
In designing power amplifiers. Why we are using driver stage. Is that for increasing the over all gain of the PA. or does it have other purposes? what is its effect on Psat and OP1dB?
Hello My operational amplifier Open loop frequency responce showing first order performance with GBW=48.66 MHz and phase margin about 58 Deg as you can see below 158098 After running the closed loop AC response with G= 1 I was expecting to get f-dB = GBW, but it is not the case, kindly see the below image [ATT
I am looking for replacement suggestions for the LMC660, and the transistors used in the circuit attached 2sa1015, 2sc1815, 2sk1825. I have lots of tl071 and most common hobbyist transistors 2n2222 2n2907 BC549 etc Also, I want to combine the decoder with a kind of same technology CW encoder MCI-less. Any ideas of how it could be done? (techniq