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Hi all! I am here for asking for solution or solved exercise solutions for the book "Programmable Logic Controllers: principles and applications by John Webb and Ronald A. Reis" I have been hacked and lost all materials saved in PC even all emails are deleted. I had to email those exercises to my (...)
What do you mean by power electronics? I like this book. Pulsed Power Systems: principles and applications by Hansjoachim Bluhm.
A beginner's guide to accelerometers Accelerometers: principles of operation and applications Hope it helps.
Pankaj, The attached file is nice and short Motorola Aplication Note one. I don't know if it will be useful for you. Let me know. Regards. Daniel Digital Signal Processors principles of Sigma-Delta Modulation for Analog-to-Digital Converters by Sangil Park, Ph. D. Strategic applications Digital Signal Processor Operation
Acoustic Communication Publisher: Acoustic Modeling: principles, techniques and applications
hi Dear, I attached for you a file taken from matlab help, so i think it will be useful cos you will see the principles and its applications in matlab as well. welcome
Hello, guys I was wondering how to get the equation 4.5.26 in textbook "Digital Signal Processing: principles, Algorithms and applications" by Proakis. Thanks.
hi, Digital Systems: principles and applications, by Ronald J Tocci, is also best book with good number of excercise problems.
hi my frends i need the matlab code for from TS rappaport -wireless communcations principle and practice 2nd edition. "i need matlab code for just this book no matlab cod for principles of Communications System Simulation with Wireless applications"
hello i have big problem i searching for one ebook and it is too important for me. please help me i request it in: but anybody cant reply me.... Satellite Technology: principles and applications Anil Kumar Maini, Varsha Agrawal ISBN: 978-0-470-03335-7 Hardcover 576 pages Decembe
principles and applications of Waveguide Transmission by George C Southworth Microwave Transmission Design Data by Theodore Moreno
Usually, FIR systems are more robust than IIR systems. IIR systems could become unstable. Please refer to: Digital Signal Processing: principles, Algorithms and applications (3rd Edition) by John G. Proakis, Dimitris Manolakis
John G. Proakis, Dimitris G. Manolakis, Digital Signal Processing principles, Algorithms, and applications. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1996
Hi, if u want know the equation for atmospheric absorption loss refers to "Radar HandBook" second Edition by Merrill Skolink. Go to section 2.7 and see the topic procedure for finding the range dependent loss equation. U can seein Radar design and principles by Nathnson. Or Weather radar applications (...)
Digital principles and applications by A. P. Malvino is a good book and is been followed in many universities.
Hello fellow members I m in urgent need of solutions of principles & applications of GSM by V.K. Garg and Joseph E. Wilkes. Please provide me the link or some important paths for the download. Awaiting for a favourable reply
I need this ebook: Voice Compression and Communications: principles and applications for Fixed and Wireless Channels Lajos Hanzo, F. Clare A. Somerville, Jason P. Woodward ISBN: 0-471-15039-8 Thanks!
hi all, i want to study the subject of pulse width modulation, and i don't know how to start. can any one helped me to learn about PWM principles and applications. regards,
Due to popular request I am uploading this book to filefront. Digital Signal Processing - principles, Algorithms and applications PRENTISE HALL INTERNATIONAL EDITION. John G. Provakis Dimitris G. Manolakis ISBN - 013 - 394338 - 9 - This copy of the book which i am uploading is scanned.
Recommend a good book Turbo Codes: principles and applications by Branka Vucetic, Jinhong Yuan, Jinhong Yuan and also, you can google "Turbo code" there are thousands of papers about Turbo codes in the last decade.
I am taking a DSP class that uses Proakis' "Digital Signal Processing:principles, Algorithms, and applications. I need the solutions manual chapter 3 (including Q: 3.1 , 3.11). Can somebody post the solution? any advice is apreciated. thanks,
I think the book: principles and applications of Millimeter Wave Radar (editor N. Currie, Artech House) a comprehensive description on millimeter wave radar. The book describes the theory, components, subsystems and applications. regards
Need som help on the subject. - I new to designing battery applications, so pointers for principles and circuit examples would be nice. Links and so on. I'm building a portable device, and have an Atmel controller present, which I consider using for charge controller, by letting it control a FET, for (...)
Does anyone know where to find ebook "Modern Quadrature Amplitude Modulation principles and applications for Fixed and Wireless Channels"? thanks!
:from the authors web site, listed in spainish but the book is in english in pdf, download Industrial Energy Management principles and applications Chapter 01 Introduction Chapter 02 Power and energy measurement units and tecniques Chapter 03 World energy resources and ind

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