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if it is a digital camera, can you guide me any camera to link it with my xilinx virtex 5 board? To get started (assuming you will go through them):
I am using PIC32MX795F512L and mikroE EasyTFT display. I am using EasyPIC Fusion v7 development board. I am using mikroE VisualTFT for designing the GUI for TFT. This piece of the code is used to print password character and clear the password character on the TFT. void printPassword() { TFT_Set_Font(HandelGothic_BT21x22_Regu
Hey I am going to make a PCB with laser printer for Brenner9 I have stupid problem The PCB is available here: This is the image: I have also attached it in the attachment. But when I print it,
Good day friends, The IDE I use is 'Keil ?Vision5'. I own a STM32F4-Discovery board, to which I connected a Bosch Sensortec BNO055 9-Axis IMU. I want them to c
Hi. I was reading about ways to print your own PCBs, and read a few forum entries here as well, and - besides sending off to have it printed/made for you - the simplest seems to be using copper clad board and etch resist ink pens. The tracks in the photos I came across on other webs seemed quite wide, ...and "a bit cludgy" would be the (...)
118918118919118920118921118922 HXP circuit is a PCB manufacturer. Here are some boards we made recently. More info, please contact me Or visit our website
satish, can you help me in understanding that if you will get the print then what will be next step of fabricating antenna?that is how will you fabricate it? i have no idea about it.please tell me, you will use electroplating for fabrication?
The important part of the datasheet is often the fine print. Under Electrical Characteristics under the table (2) With device Pins 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 soldered into a 1/16″ epoxy glass board with 2 ounce copper foil with a minimum surface of 6 square inches. Above that the ABSOLUTE Maximum Ratings Thermal Res
Definitely possible, you can use it both ways: - print it on paper and use toner transfer method - print it on a transparent stencil and use UV light exposure The latter should yield a better accuracy, but the board doesn't really require fine tolerances so both should do fine.
Dear Friends , I have a circuit which works as following : Mcu board : reads temperature via pt100 sensor , shows temp on lcd and it has to print the data on a thermal printer . Mcu board is working on linear power supply which powers voltage to pt100 circuit , mcu , lcd etc. The thermal printer (...)
pic24FJ256GA110 MPLAB 8.88 Hi, I am trying to print using the second UART it prints nothing on hyperteminal, but UART1 works fine. Its a development board so I guess it wouldnt be any hardware connection error. To use UART2 any setting recommended ? void INIT_UART(void) { /*Configuration of UART */ __builtin_write
I Want to produce a cicruit to large numbers.I need equipment for print and paste my board. any1 can help me whats the best?just tell me the Site and prices thank you.
You can use a free graphic tool like Irfanview to scale the *.gif image to the correct size when printing it. You know that the pin distance of the DIP8 OP-package must be close to 2.54 mm.
Hello!! I am using Keil uVision IDE, and wants to display data while debugging in debug(printf) window, but not able to do so. I am using NXP LPC1343 Micro-Controller based development board and colinkex an open source debugger by CooCox, but i am not able to use it to display data on debug printf window. Can one help me in this. (...)
Hello All. I'm working on a project with a friend. We want to create an all-in-one machine that can quickly prototype most circuits a hobbyist would build. The machine will use conductive ink to print on different substrates, conductive glue to attach the parts and a simplified Ppick-and-place head to assemble the board. After months of work we
i want ps2 key board function i keil c i am using arm lpc1768 kindly help how to get the key values and print in lcd are serial port
Sir i'm a final year engineering student currently working on my project which includes Fingerprint R305. I'm trying to connect my finger print module R305 to arduino but it is only working with 3.3V and not working with 5V on arduino board. Also when given a 3.3V it blinks continously with a delay of few seconds. Please help to figure (...)
Hi, work backward. check for all the layers you selected to print for page 2. it may be keepout layer also.
hi all, i am working on a pcb in which i had to create a footprint myself, when i update my pcbdoc i can see the footprint in the workspace,but unable to move it to the board area.when i clik on the foot print board area zooms out and some designator warning will come...
I had a issue with how to print negative, for pcb photosensitive film, in PCAD2006. Here is solution: preparation: 1-In top silk (white color layer) draw polygon over all PCB 2- choose bottom and refresh screen print: 1-print job options: ( for my print I need layers) bottom, board, bottom mask (...)
Hello everyone, I am trying to create a simple program to print "Hello" on LCD using PIC18F46K80 in mikroC. The circuit board on which I am working works perfectly with PIC16F887. But with 46k80, the LCD remains blank only. I guess I have configured everything properly in the hardware. Is LCD interfacing with PIC18F46K80 different with PIC16F887..?
i made a 4X15w UV exposure unit using GE F15T8-BL . my pcb sits 2 inches above the bulbs . I cant seem to get the thin track lines. I even tried low exposure times of just 4 mins but the ground area came out good but the thin lines didnt get developed. I am not sure i am exposing it right . i use continous exposure but i was reading online that
Hi I would like to save Ares pcb layout made in my home computer on my USB pen drive to print it in my office printer. Can anyone help me as the office printer is better for this works than mine. Sully
Kyocera America Inc. is based in San Diego, and can either build to print or help with design. We manufacture in LTCC, HTCC, and organics (such as FR-4). HTCC\LTCC are more expensive than organics in general, but are much better for certain environments and applications. What quantity are you looking for?
The schematic symbol can be anything you want provided you include the correct number of pins that will be on the actual part and on the foot print used for the PCB layout. Examples: 1.) If the battery plugs into the board then the symbol will be for a connector (header) with the correct number of pins. 2.) If the batteries are tubular with solid
Hi, One of my components in my PCB needs a footprint which contains a T-Shaped pad. Is it possible to draw this in Orcad-Layout? Normally I see square/circular/rectangular pads. Can we assign an arbitrary shape to a pad? How can it be done? Thanks in advance Sreejith
I have been having good results with a new toner transfer technique. Put a heavy hotplate on the stove and dial in a temperature of 175 °C using a thermocouple. Bond the toner image to the copper clad board by placing them print side down onto the hotplate between two sheets of paper and applying pressure with a rolling pin for 2-5 minutes. For dou
Hi everyone, I'm new at fpga design and i need some help with the ISP1362 controller. I need help to access the buffer of the ISP1362 controller from DE2 board, and print the Chip ID information in the LCD of the board. Thanks
i use atmega 128 proteus simulation uart1 problem with receiving.i want to receive a string and print to lcd but it is not work.but it is working on development transmit string correctly. 77458 my code is given below- #include #include #include"UART.h" #include"LCD.h" #
Hi, I am trying to get gerber files from our Altium 10 double sided PCB layout. What it is, I have got all the components onto the board, but I have used ?absolute maximum size? footprints, and there?s not much space on the board for tracking , and the gaffer has asked for the gerber files so he can view them in viewmate and (...)
I am using Altera DE2 fpga board and verilog, and i designed a simple cpu using verilog and this fpga board.Now i need to print the value of a register using vga output of the board. Could you please give me a path to follow ? :)
Hello, I recently bought an Arduino Uno R3 to control a stepper motor and to control it with Matlab/Arduino IDE. However, it seems not to be syncing up with Matlab correctly. It can connect to the serial port, but it cannot print out numbers I have written to the board. ARDUINO CODE: #include "Arduino.h" #define DIR_PIN 2 #define STEP_PIN 3
Hello Friends: i'm doing my circuit on altium designer 10 , and i found a problem with CD4053CN on my pcb , the figure shown in the picture also had an error while viewing my board in 3d view , the IC (4053CN) is shown on Vertical Axis (see picture 2 ) can anyone help me ?! i also want to know how to print out this pcb ? i need to mirro
Hi, I am a new user of TI chips. I was using the PCA9546A IIC Multiplexer chip to multiplex data on the FMC DVI Card connected to an FPGA board. Page 7 of the link shown in the datasheet says that a stop condition has to be asserted once the "control signals" have been wri
Hello, I am using Altium for PCB designing. For manufacturing Double sided PCB we require Top & Bottom layer & drill file. I am first created Gerber file of Double sided it Creates CAMtastic file of Top & Bottom I am taking print by using PDF creator (Scaled print & scale is 1.0 & A4 size paper). I am successful to give PDF files
In Orcad PCB editor, version 16, I need to print top layer and bottom layer negative (copper tracks are clear and the dark background). In Manufacturing> ARTWORK put "plot mode" in negative in the tab film control but then I do not get the result .. A window opens with the following error: ERROR: aborting film - Layer polarity of layer ETCH / B
hi Khan740 Protel , Altium Designer , ECAD ,... is some windows software than we use that for desing pcb (print circuit board) for our project and system Altium Designer and Protel 99 is same , Protel 99 product in 1990-2000 . in 2004 Altium INC development that by Protel 2004 in 2006 we see the new version of protel , it rename
How to program an Arduino - YouTube
I use a normal laser printer. I print the track layout on to OHP film (OverHead Projector clear plastic paper) then use the image as a photographic negative. I shine UV light on to a plain copper board that has been covered with special light sensitive paint. The shadowed track area doesn't see the UV, the rest does. When chemically (...)
Hi all.:-D I have a SIW structure(simply a structure full of vias) in HFSS and want to print it on board. I think I should convert it into an altium supported file. the problem is, when I do that the vias wil be converted to arcs in top layer. Is there a way that I can save my time or I should paint all the vias in altium a
Resistive tracks for pots on pcb's and the like are usually screen printed on, you can make your own screen print easily enough, but where you'd get the conductive 'ink' from is a tricky one. You'd also be better using a transistor to buffer the output of the 'pot' as the current drawn by a motor would need a very low resistance and a very wide tr
hi this is my frist circuit in eagle i want to make it on pcb so plz see this file and correct the mistake as i am not expert in this i cant to output this track file to print on copper board and make dimintion for board plz help quickly
Hello, I made a simple PCB with a ADS830 60MHz parallel ADC from TI, fed by an OPA2691 (2681 equivalent) OPAMP using the circuit shown on page 9 of the ADS830 datasheet. When the input is grounded the test board shows 2.1volts input to the ADC, close to the 2.5volt center v
Hi, Recently I try to use EAGLE software. But I want to fabricate the layout of the trace manual to save money. And I have the facility to do that. I draw the circuit in schematics and then generate the board. But when I print the board the IC and connection layout are still there. But I only need the trace layout. How I can do (...)
Hi, I'm new in using this PIC18f4550 PICDEM FS USB board. I would like to know how to use the ADC of this board. Can anyone give a very simple ADC sample C code using this board? Also, I'm using the MPLAB IDE and the MC18 as the compiler. Is there any way to print the ADC result in the MPLAB IDE, like using (...)
Hello All, I have my first doubt cleared, Thanks for that well, I got another one, what is the limitation on the size of canvas or rectangle box when i switch to the PCB/board from my schematic? and how can i print using the Laser printer on Glossy paper for using it as toner transfer method, I mean , what should be the (...)
Probably one of these: You need to trace out what is connected to the feedback pin. It should be possible to adjust a resistor value to move the 12V up to 13.8V. Maybe there are some pots on the board? Keith.
code stucked at lwip_accept ???print command after "lwip_accept()"is never run.i am using spartan3e board(microblaze) plz suggest???? here is code ************** struct netif server_netif; void echo_application_thread() { int sock, new_sd; struct sockaddr_in address, remote; int size; if ((sock = lwip_socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,
Hello, I'm trying to print characters at particular locations on the LCD of the Spartan 3e using Verilog. I've initialized it, but can't seem to print characters where I want to on the board. Thank you. Added after 10 minutes: Here is my initialization code. I'm trying to display numbers in particula
I fine the best photo paper to Iron On your Circuit is Komax Plus 150g you do not have to put in water all you do is print with the laser printer clean the board Iron on do not press down to hard just heat get the blade lift one side slow if any of the circuit is still on the photo paper put more heat and press a little on the spot untill (...)

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