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Hello. I have this problem. I have thesis Log-periodic antenna. Now a must design this antenna in CST Studio. But i dont have idea how. :cry: I have all calculations for construction of this antenna (Log-periodic). For all calculations i use book antenna Theory by Balanis. My teacher recommend me this perfect book. (...)
I have a simulation model in HFSS that consists of a printed dipole antenna on a substrate but enclosed with a cover ( ceramic material). Such a model is to emulate an antenna inside of a chip. I am not sure whether to place the radiation boundary at the outer faces of the cover or create an air box surrounding the model (...)
Hi Anyone have a calculator for planar dipole antenna or any design tool that can calculate the electrical length of the printed dipole?. Thanks in your interest.
It is a kind of asymmetric dipole with folded arms. I think not even the designer of this antenna doesn't know exactly what it is. He just cut and paste in the simulator to get the best performances in specified bands. The net, the antenna books, and the RF magazines, are full of examples of crazy shapes of printed (...)
Hello. I am designing a printed Microstrip dipole antenna with the specifications as follows. 1. The antenna is printed on a 1mm thick FR-4 ("r= 4:4) substrate. 2. On the front side, the length of the dipole radiator is lamda/4 3. Frequency: 2.45GHz This is antenna (...)
Hello. I am designing a printed Microstrip dipole antenna with the specifications as follows. 1. The antenna is printed on a 1mm thick FR-4 ("r= 4:4) substrate. 2. On the front side, the length of the dipole radiator is lamda/4 3. Frequency: 2.45GHz Could you please tell me how to (...)
Hi guys , I am trying to resonate a printed dipole antenna at 2.2 GHz. I am using Coaxial cable to feed it from the bottom. Outer conductor of the coaxial cable is attached to the ground and the inner conductor is hitting the dipole antenna on the top of substrate. My problem is that (...)
Of course the antenna type is very important in this regards. A patch or a planar inverted-F antenna definitely needs a ground plane, when a printed dipole don't need any ground plane.
hi , can you give me report about A Compact Microstrip Ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna quasi log-periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) printed on dielectric substrate for VHF/UHF Band Applications. king regards. eng.ahmad
Hi all i am working on printed ellipse dipole antenna which s working on 900 Mhz . But i have some boundaries the lenght of the dipole must be max 72 mm. i have simulated on HFSS but i cant see a good returm loss for this . i have -2 or -3 db return loss on 900 Mhz how can i decrease the rezonance frequency without (...)
Hello, i am designing a microstrip dipole on the frequency between 900 Mhz and 2200 Mhz . i did something about it in Hfss with lumped ports but i should realize it physically.And when i did it with lumped ports it have not a omnidirectional pattern . so what can be the problem fot this? i didnt use a balun is it a problem for this? thanks
Hi there, I have one more question about printed dipole array. Now I designed two element of printed dipole array. The return loss of the two element is shifted up around 100 MHz. This doesn't make sense for me, because I think when we increase the dimension of antenna, the return loss should be (...)
Hi i want to know how to design a printed dipole antenna using hfss 13 . It doesn't matter the parameters of the antenna .I just want an explanation of (how) or an explained example any thing that will teach me how to design it on this program . Thank you
hi all: I designed a Quasi-Yagi antenna and a printed dipole element,but the beamwidth is wider than 150,and I wonder how can reduce the beamwidth under 100. Does anyone knows which paremeter influence the beamwidth.Thanks
It all depends on the application in my opinion. For example a printed dipole will perform very similarly to a wire dipole antenna.
Dear all, I have a question about matching a printed folded dipole. I am working at 2.45GHz My antenna is connected to a 50 ohms /50 ohms balun, then connected to a 2-ports VNA, for s11 evaluation. At the frequency of interest, the impedance is Z; is this the impedance of the antenna seen from the VNA? Because I need (...)
Hi attached here is my design of printed dipole antenna using Ansoft HFSS. It should be fabricated using fr-4 pcb. As u can see the 2 'arms' of the dipole is designed on both side of the pcb. one dipole arm being attached to a small rectangular patch (ground). my question is, can i connect my outer (...)
Hi, I am currently designing 433MHz half wave printed dipole antenna with input impedance of 50 ohm using Ansoft HFSS 13. The problem is, i can't seem to figure out how to efficiently place the ground plane in the design. This is because, either the simulated radiation pattern is severely distorted or my Z11 graph and smith chart is does (...)
Hi everyone, I'm currently designing a printed dipole antenna at 433MHz using HFSS 13 and i have a few questions/ problems: 1) What is the actual use/effect of ground plane for a printed dipole antenna? 2)the toroidal radiation pattern is heavily distorted. 3)how to place the ground and (...)