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printf("AT\n"); can't be expected to perform correct autobaud. Characters 'A' and 'T' must be send individually with surrounding delay, AT commands should be terminated by rather than . Message send should wait for '>' request, or at least wait longer. lcd initialization has required delays > 1 ms, read datasheet.
Here it is: #include main() { printf("Hello World - I'm a Voltmeter!"); }
can you tel something same with example?? for example // write a data byte to lcd int lcdPutchar(int d) { // printf("%c", d); lcdstatus.RS=1; // Take RS pin high for data lcdNibble(d >>4); // Makeup Upper Nibble lcdNibble(d); // Makeup Lower Nibble (...)
Specifics concerning the use of the sprintf() routine for the HiTech C Compiler are available in its user manual. Most of the information concerning sprintf() is in the section covering printf() and vprintf() on page 212. General Examples of the sprintf() routine: C l
Hi all, Need some help to display the result to the lcd JHD162A lcd. exp : 6+4=10 below is my c-program. I am using MPlab. #include #include //-------------------------------- #define bit0 PORTAbits.RA0 #define bit1 PORTAbits.RA1 #define bit2 PORTAbits.RA2 #define bit3 PORTAbits.RA3 //------------------------
A single '%' is usually reserves as a format specifier but if you use two together "%%" printf usually prints one of them untouched. So printf(lcd_putc,"\f52%%"); should work. I can't check with CCS but that's how it normally works. Brian.
I assume that you are using printf function to display float value. I think you should first check to see if the format string given to the printf fucntion can be given an argument that can strip starting '0'. If there is no possibility through printf format string then you may instead of using printf function should use (...)
how do u convert your integer data to ASCII String if you use printf or sprintf() it replaces zeros with space so you will not see 010 %
if its c your using when you printf the value you can use %.1d this gives 2 decimal number or like char decimal=23; printf( "%.1d",decimal); will print 23 and not 23.0 or 023 Tips on printf see here for a list of the control charicters for print
convert the number to a string using itoa() and display. or you can also use printf, in some cases you may have to define the output terminal as the lcd.
dude why did you commented out the actual parts that write to the serial port!!!!!!!!!!! //printf("\n key=%d;",key); also, it lacks of a serial init and serial io... it's keil? ride? sdcc? anyway, check onto their documentation... there are many rs232 examples you should run prior using the serial port... or... you just posted a
But what I need to sort out is a way of using the printf command but instead of it sending the data to hyperterminal it displays it on the lcd... your printf() is expecting a function, putc() (both in stdio.h). so rather than using the stock putc(), you can redefine putc() to use your lcd routine that writes a char. (...)
Hi Hailong: Usually we don't use printf in isr function. It will sepend a lot time to execute. You just need to replace printf by your own uart send functions.
You supply a function that printf calls to output each character. You can use this fucntion to send data to a serial port, an lcd, printer....whatever output you want.
thanks, i will investigate more on the way you shown. but its still strange that when i give %s to represent the incoming data as string , why it shows 11 for alphabet "k" . letters 1 to 9 are represented ok only when i give %d so it seems it only responding to digits and not to the alphabets. my lcd side programming is data = P2 &
void main() { delay_ms(100); lcd_init(); delay_ms(100); printf(lcd_putc,"Hello...."); while(1); } Post your lcd type( 20x4,16x2) and port and compiler you are using...
Dear everybody.. Can help me ? I want to display with lcd 2 X 16 please Help me /*************************** DS2760 Interfacing ****************************/ #include // printf(), uchar, uint, .... #include // CPU's interals #include "1wire.h" // 1-wire device lib /************************ Port Declaration
DEAR FRIENDS, ( i am using keil // USING "C" and doing this for 89c51 from ATMEL.) I M working on a simple program for operating some relays and putting the status message on the lcd. the program is working so nicely. now i need to ADD the SERIAL function in to the program so that with RS-232 link the messages can be seen on pc screen to
A simple conclusion following your description is, it may be bad to make arbitrary replacements without fully understanding the application.:cry: But this isn't the point, I think. You apparently managed to bring on other issues: I see from your lcd screenshot, that the involved C compiler apparently isn't understanding genuine printf format statem
Hello brothers! Is my first time using PICOS18, I read the user manual and I dont found anything about intertask communication. Anyone have experience with this rtos can help-me? I try too redirect the printf stream for use with lcd, like show in example, but I not have success too! If anyone can help-me with this, I really apreciated! Than
i want to write to xdata register with keypad and see the address and data on lcd..... how i can to write "scanf" function for lcd ???? for example: . . . void writereg() /* -------- write data to specified register --------- */ { uchar Add, Data; printf("\nEnter Address (hex): "); /* Get Address & Data */ scanf("%bx",
For AVR C compilers, - I know Codevision - printf sends the formated string to the serial port RS232. It can be used mainly for debugging along with scanf - if you start hyperterminal, you can send and receive info with the uC, even if you dont have a keyboard or lcd connected to it. In CV AVR, there are some degrees of implementation for pr
Hi, I need some lcd codes for 8051 and AVR microcontrollers in C. The code should be very portable, and the delays should also be independent of oscillator frequency to ensure portability. and the library should have all standard C functions like printf, puts, gotoxy, as well as additional functions like cursor on . . . N.B. I actually want t
hi use printf or sprintf functions. regards
Hi I believe you are using a microcontroller to send the text. and you are using IDEs like KE!L or MP1AB.... It function name need not be printf (its just a name). You can create your own function, and send the string to be displayed to the function. The function can have all the necessary delays and all that. Just create the program once
Is it possible to redirect the output of printf from serial port to some other port like port 1. so that i can use printf to print a string with a variable (ex : - 200 is a variable) in a lcd.
I'm using Hi-Tech's PICC versions 8.05pl2 and 9.50pl1 and experience the same problems using the conversion characters in the printf() function. I can output onto the lcd whatever string I want (i.e. alphabet, numbers 0-9, ...) but conversion characters in the printf() function don't work properly. Example: (...)
techie has right: ...easy way: first you have to formating your string using sprintf with options and then you can send the formated string to lcd. ...If you need a small memory layer use your own formating function... //a
hi guys! I want to use printf() function( in C30) to print characters or numbers to lcd. I modified putchar() function to print a chacracter to lcd and it worked( putchar() worked). But when i use printf() function ,it did not display anything to lcd. I look at stdio.h and i think May be my problem (...)
Hai I have to print a float number like 32.56565 into an lcd, Or a long number like 3256565 into lcd. 1. How can I use the 'printf ' to print this into lcd? Hi tech manual says about writing putchar function.Where to write and how to integrate it to printf? 2.Which is the (...)
It´s single using CCS C compiler! Assuming that putc are the previous function for send one character for Your lcd: #include printf(putc,"Hello0\n\r"); // ATTENTION: the modifiers \n and \r should implemented in Your putc function! printf(putc,"Hello1"); gorkin.
hello nebisman.. you do not need printf you need sprintf.. sprinf is the same with printf nut broduces a string.. and then the string you send it to lcd.. if you want to use printf you will spend a lot of time to determine the output devic, which is the lcd. like print floating (...)
HI, Before of all I think that you must consider if you really need to use printf (need lot of code and time to execute). So, if you need only to print text on the lcd (without formating values) you can use the lcd.c library (found easly on the web, if you whant it, let me know). The functions inside are simple and you can make easly a (...)

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