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Hi While printing DC operating points, I came across some Terms which are Vearly and Beff. Does the Vearly represent Actual Early Voltage of the MOS transfer curve? and Beff reperesents real beta value ( u*cox*w/l)? thanks
No idea what your epot is. But there's a reason, probably something like source vs load impedance, that ought to be something you can figure out by printing / plotting and plain old KVL / KCL. This is an opportunity for you to exercise your debug skills, which is not the same as asking questions without context. You might begin by inserting vc
Hello. Quick question. I'm using EZwave to view a mixed mode simulation in cadence and a 130nm CMOS ST Microelectronics DK. I'm looking for some tips on exporting EZwave data to csv, or text so I can view it in MATLAB for printing in my thesis. I now that I can save an EZwave database as a csv or txt file, however this does not save the
Instead of printing to a printer, you can print to a file.
Instead of printing the schematic you can save the PostScript printer file to the disk. With the Unix/Linux tool ps2pdf you can convert it into a PDF file.
Is there anyone who has the experience of printing out the layout to eps files in cadence ICFB? When I tried that, there are textures inside the polygons. Is there a way that I can get rid of the textures and get the polygons filled? And another question is how I can control the resolution of the printing? Thanks!
Hi Everybody I have designed a big circuit at virtuoso schematic editor and I want to have a picture of this circuit (to print it). To see all components simultaneously at one screen I should zoom-out to an appropriate amount. When I do so the labels of pins (for example) will disappear. What should I do? there is no matter how the picture wi
Hello all, I have something funny to ask! I want to know if theres any display option with which we can temporarily remove the red square-like terminals of a pmos or nmos instance of a transistor in cadence schematic capture. Actually it helps in some pretty-printing for documentation purposes ! Thanks you and looking forward fo
Most plottters should also be able to take the ps file directly. Afterall, it is postscript that was originally designed for plotters. Print the ps file directly and ftp it to a printing house and have it plotted, don't worry about the details. They usually have drivers to do this. Several plotters can be configured under cadence as well. Wha
I do not know much about HSPICE or B2 Spice (I used cadence Spectre), but what is the problem with getting the data from B2 Spice?? Doesn't it support sampling and printing data to file? About moving from B2 Spice to HSPICE - it should not be a problem if you have transistor models for HSPICE for your technology.