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Hi , I have the book called "optical wireless communication:system and channel modeling with matlab" and i'm currently learning PPM modulation. i've come to the part on performance under AWGN channel where the author explained about the error probability with soft decision and came to the analytic solution that was taken from "digital communi
'morning guang4243, I've applied the technique described in the (brilliant!) book "Numerical Recipes in C" to create random numbers with arbitrary probability distributions with success in the past. The book is available freely on the web, and the section describing both the technique AND the generation of Gaussian deviates is here: www.c
Hello every body! I got the program below from the book mobile fading channels by Matthias Pätzold. It is wirtten to plot the probability density function of any process. The problem is how to use this function. It is clear that the xi_t is the process we want to plot it's probability density function. Especially my problem is what is the (...)
Hi there, Anyone has 4th edition of probability book by Papoulis? Thank you
Please I need materials on Outage probability on digital microwave links. I am embarking a research on the topic
Request: Any one having the solution manual for the book probability and Random Processess with applications to signal processing by H. Stark and JW Woods Thank you very much
probability, Random Signals, and Statistics X. Rong Li ISBN-10: 0849304334 ISBN-13: 978-0849304330
hi all, i need paper or book to find probability density function (pdf) for ricean channel in MRC diversity in : 1. i.i.d 2. i.n.d thanks for all
my friends, Hi i would appreciate if you cloud upload this book as a soft copy. "probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering, By Alberto Leon-Garcia " thank you.
What kind of random process do you want to learn? Pure mathematics or more engineering? Papoulis's probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes is a good book for EE professionals.
Dear all.... I Hope to get the Solution Manual for the following book: "probability and Random Processes for Electrical Enginnering, Second Edition, by Alberto Leon-Garcia" Thanks Regard
to understand it, u should get sklar, and probability by papoulis and also read a bunch of old papers
How we can compute the average probability of bit error in M-ary bi-orthogonal signals. with full explanation. Regards
Hello all, I'm going to self-study random processes, and there are many books out there. I'm wondering if any of you have read this one: "probability and Random Processes (Wiley Survival Guides in Engineering and Science)" by Venkatarama Krishnan. It has good reviews on Amazon, but only six people have reviewed it. Thanks in advance. -
I want to ask everyone: i don't understand how we calculate offered load when we have the number of service users and blocking probability (following Erlang B)? help me????????????????????????????????????????
we generally mean PDF(capital) means probability DISTRIBUTION fuction and pdf(small) meand probability Density function...
u need it more? i think u can find it at the "Fundamentals of probability and Statistics for Engineer" by John Wiley book yes it is so good for u.
Read this book "probability random variables and random signal principles" By Peebles 4th edition. Page No. 159 ( *5.6 Computer generation of multiple random variables). Cheers.. would you please upload it ? i really need it..!!
Hai there ! I would suggest two books : The first is a popular one given below, I have attached the contents for this book along with the sample chapter 1 1. probability and Stochastic Processes A Friendly Introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers Roy D. Yates and David J. Goodman Publisher: John Wiley & Sons The (...)
If you look at any DSP book you will find summation , Intergration , complex exponentials, trignometric functions, some linear algebra and probability theory. You won't need the last two till you reach the advanced topics. So you don't really need to study math in details to understand DSP. My advice for you is to spend 30 mins to revise Euler form