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For 2 bands (duplexer) there should be no problem designing such filter, but for 4 bands is practically impossible to make it work having decent performances in all bands simultaneous. An idea would be to split the design in 2x2 bands, design two duplexers (two for low bands, and two for high bands), and (...)
I am planning to try UART transmission using IR photodiode instead of TSOP. But the problem is that the photodiode is affected by sunlight. How can i solve these problems. Any body have tried this before ? I want your valuable suggections
hi everyone... I am trying to design a non-uniform digital FIR filter bank and i am using Parks McClellan algorithm to design each bandpass filter. I know lower and upper cut-off frequencies(wc1=(wp1+ws1)/2 and wc2=(wp2+ws2)/2). I also know attenuation in stopband(60db) and passband(1db). I have (...)
hi sir , i have a problem abort a 10MHz bandpass filter. the parameters ; BW>=3.5MHz, ripple<= 0.1dBa retrun loss:-18dB band rejection 55dBc@19.55MHz group delay fluctuation 200ns
if exsiting noise is much larger than signal (1nA for example), then the signal can be drowned by noise before arriving the input of VGA, then, the VGA cannot recongnize the signal rightly, so causing wrong results. am i right? if so, how to solve the problem when exsiting relative large noise?
I need to design a linear phase bandpass FIR filter. I have the lower and the higher cut off frequencies of the filter. How to do it?
Hi all! I am a newbie in this digital signal processing field. Can you please help me in solving my homework? I need some hints.... I have an idea, but I am not very confident.... Thanks in advance. design a stable bandpass filter of order two with the following characteristics: ? The system should be real-valued, ? the center (...)
How do I design a bandpass filter with Chebyshev characteristics? My tutor gave me following specifications: bandpass Chebyshev 2nd order with multifeedback highpass, low pass= 2kHz/2kHz ripple 1dB I calculated the transfer function (the result is sth like this ) but it is not possible to
Someone will hopefully come along with better suggestions but my feeling is that the very high Q and low ripple from a 3rd order filter are causing the problems. Try adjusting those and you will end up with something realizable. Or increase the order of the filter. Keith
Hi Keith This is great piece of software, thanks for the link! The only problem I see are the pretty unrealistic values it calculates. Capacitors in the femtofarad range (for UHF I got values in that range) might be available from some sellers but the adjustable coils I'm going to use only go up to about 250 nH, not 4 uH... I need to fire up MWO
Hi i designed top-c coupled bandpass filter with transmission line stubs and SMT capacitors. I dont know anything about layout and for this reason i used ADS's automatic layout generate function. When i converted my design by this way and simulated with Momentum i got results that are very very bad.Instead of (...)
hi frnds i want to design a combline bandpass filter using tapped line input..... the problem coming here is the location of tappedline on the first resonator...from my specs my external quality factor is around 182... by parameter extraction for determination of external quality factor. ..... i changed the tapping position (...)
hi frnds iam supposed to fabricate a combline bpf having 1.1% (FBW) and in the low pass prototype iam getting external quality factor around 190 and coupling coefficients very low(i want to design using transformer coupling) the problem is when i want to know the spacing b/w resonators whether i have to take resonators having via hole grounding or
Hi, I'm designing an FM broadcast radio receiver front-end as a method to teach myself about RF design. I'm having some trouble designing the bandpass filter for my IF stage. To increase selectivity and eliminate image frequencies, I decided to design a dual-IF converter, using one (...)
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hi i need to simulate "second-order Gm-C bandpass filter" with 10.7MHZ center frequency that its schematic is below.its structure is nauta transconductance.the reference journal is attached. i need help for simulate this filter by HSPICE software and 0.35um cmos standard parameters. it is not any problem to (...)
I undestand your point. I have almost no knowledge on filters so I would appreciate if you could answer me this: DC offset of the OPAMPs is feed through the SC network to the output. At the same time, charges that are finding there way through the network due to the switching of the MOS are also accumulating to the capacitors. Now I underst
Hi I am design banpass filter by using planar lumped element(spiral inductor and interdigital capacitor) at is easy to do it with the L,C in ADS lumped element ,but the problem I faced when I tried to convert the lumped elemnt values from oridinary one to planar lumped element and connect them the simulation results do not match the de
I want to design SIW bandpass filter (substrate integrated waveguide) that operate in x-band, but i have a problem for matching this filter to 50Ω stripline. I don't know which kind of transition is better ,and how. please help me , thanks.
Specifying a group delay for a device is nothing but giving a measure of linearity of phase characteristic of it. At RF where frequency band is mostly limited by relativelly narrow bandpass filter the linearity of phase is particular problem. So the group delay is specified. It is easier to compensate phase characteristic over a group delay (...)