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Hello everyone, i'm trying to send data from a micro-controller AT89C52 to max232 which is connected to a 3G modem via VSPE My problem is when i catch data from the output its not the same, here is what is shown to me in the picture attached. Also, the code i'm using : serial_init(); delayms(5); if(sw == 1) {
hi, I have connected the +/-9v from a max232 RS232 driver to power OPA's with no problems. Low current drain of 2mA to 3mA should not cause a problem. E
it seems you get many problem with max232, with MCU ... what about your power supply 5V DC ? and how do you connectICSP to PIC ? are you programming in situ ..(on the final board) or only with the MCU on a breadboard ?
Replace max232! It is defective for sure. (I used max232 many times and never have problem with heating.) Regards, Mr.Cube
hi, When using the UART , no pull ups are required. If you are having a problem communicating with say a PC, a level shifter will be required: eg: max232 or equivalent. E
It is very much a timing or clk problem. Check with your scope the data rate if it is 9600 as you have set. Then check all your clk, UART settings again.
I am using USB to RS232 (CH340) cable to communicate with micro-controller I tried both 89s51 and PIC 16f628A both controller working well when using in Proteus simulation but when i try i in hardware I receive unknow charactors , I am using asynchronous communication , can any body help how to communicate with that cable?
On hardware. And I have found the problem.There is no stop bit sent from PIC to PC and from PC to PIC! and when I pull the receiving lines high then again the RB1/RX of PIC is gone high and PIC ready to receive from PC or else If i dont pull then it would never respond to data from PC! and same with PC. When I pull high the transmit of (...)
Hi all. I interfaced gsm modem with my computer using hyperterminal, it works fine for reading, sending and deleting sms. But when I connect the same gsm modem to PIC18f46K22, I don't get any response from it. I have interfaced 2*16 LCD to see the sent commands to the gsm and to view the sms. I am using max232 in between PIC and modem.Microcontr
Hi if it's working fine in proteus then most probably problem is in hardware. check your crystal, max232 and other connections Also check your settings of teraterm terminal e.g. baudrate, data bits, parity, start bit, stop bit and flow control settings and why don't you try to use hyperterminal for initial tests (hyper terminal is also available fo
I m using max232 with db9 and want to know that when we transmit bits serially from pc through db9 to max232's 13 pin, here we receive serial data in max.. But when we take output on 12th pin of max, is that pin always on high logic (3.68v aprox)..i think it should not be at high logic. Isn't it ? Please tell me.. Because i m having high (...)
I am using flash magic for programming P89V51RD2. But when i connect USB to serial cable with circuit board then pins of max232 (pin13,pin14,pin1,pin2) are getting shorted and voltage level on PORT1 of controller goes HIGH (4.8 V). So when i am trying to load the code it gives error "failed to read device signature(unable to transmit/receive)
Im using a development board to communicate with the SIm908. the dev board uses the IC SP23238EEA. My microcontroler is MSP430G2553 and I use max232 IC to convert the data to compatible format to be read by the dev board. The problem is the commands i send from the computer (baud 9600) are read successfully by the computer hyerterminal (...)
hi, I am interfacing Atmega32 with PC via RS232 Protocol. I have made a hardware with max232 and made simple echo back received program, but i am facing a problem in that. When i send character 'A' from PC it echo backs with Garbage character. I am using 4MHZ external crystal. What should be the (...)
HI MASTER'S I AM NEW TO PIC CONTROLLER AND READ SOME INFORMATION AND DATASHEET REGARDING PIC CONTROLLERS.NOW I HAD BOOTLOAD MY PIC with "BOOTLOAD_20MHz.HEX" FILE. i have design circuit with reference circuit from internet and datasheet with "4 MHz" crystal and max232 IC BUT IT DID NOT SUCCED? PLZ HELP (...)
Hey I am using gps module which can be interfaced directly to microcontroller i have connected the gps module to pc via hyperterminal and i am getting the output with nmea code.. but when i connect the same with uc and i am displaying all the values that are sent from the gps, then i am getting some junk values like chinese character and s
What is the problem? I see it is working. Use 4 MHz crystal and 27 pf capacitors.
hi, I am working on RN-41-Sm bluetooth module from last 4-5 days, i interface the module with pic87k22 over max232 ic. i use MODBUS protocol over USART, when i communicate with serial bus with standard MODBUS software everything working fine. My problem is when i interface the RN-41-SM module over (...)
Hi, I am using a PIC microcontroller which communicates with the hyperterminal. When i power on the unit, the hyper terminal receives some 2 bytes or even more sometimes. But i did not send any data during power on. Please help me to get out off this problem. Thanks and regards, Murugesh
dear all i have a pic 18f4550 , i am using its ADC + max232 and reading the data using rs232 in my pc i am using 9volt battery then 7805 Reg as Vdd supply my problem when the adc i/p is floating , i get an AC signal 50Hz about 2.5 Vp and when i touch the input i got a complete square signal 5Vp with 50Hz i was going to use such (...)

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