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hello receiving messages like magE becomes invalid due to no available solution......what does it mean? and i how to solve this issue what to do?
I'm receiving messages like mag_E (cmplxMagE ,,,for all fields) becomes invalid due to no available solution......what does it mean? and i how to solve this issue what to do
I am not sure from your photo if there is sediment in your tank. Similar etch problems could be when your solutions cease to be acidic. If you have sediment there is insouble Fe(OH)3. The result solution stop etch. to solve problem add HCl and H2O2
Hey guys, I'm an electronics enthusiast, and I'm thinking of starting an electronics blog where I can share content that people learning about electronics will find useful. I find that a lot of the educational electronics resources I come across offer good tutorials, but don't go into enough detail into how and why something works the way it doe
Hi All, What common problems, which are usually met during LEC (Logic Equivalent Check) check? What are solutions? Thank you!
10fF unit cap in a 180nm process tech. actually is a very low value: all I know (and realized) in this tech. had unit caps between 50 and 150fF. With 10fF unit cap - even with a low input cap comparator - you'll always have problems with the parasitics, fighting against required accuracy resp. resolution - at least for a resolution (1 ou
Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook Ready-made SPICE power supply solutions Now you can get solutions to the most difficult problems facing power supply designers: shrinking size and increased thermal constraints. Christophe Basso?s SMPS SPICE Cookbook is a complete designer?s toolkit with tested, ready-to-run SPICE (...)
Thank u Sir, But in that thread i didn't find the solution. All the people are saying that design is having lot of problems. and also i don't have knowledge about micro controllers. So please tell me the possible solutions.
i want to share my sames sa9904bsome code for your help get data by this way #define CS PORTD.F2 // or any other pin for spi chip selection long read_reg(char adr) { long x=0; char d1=0,d2=0,d3=0; CS = 1; Spi_Write(1); Spi_Write(adr | 0x80); d1=Spi_Read(0); d2=Spi_Read(0); d3=Spi_Read(0); CS = 0; l1 = d3*65536 + d2 *256
it seems to me (shown in your 3 posts) that you have not made your studies and now you are trying to recover the lost time asking for solutions to problems you were given at... I think it would be more helpful for you if you will go back to your books and start studying them!
Does anyone know where I can find the solutions to the problems in the Discrete-time signal processing 3. edition ( or any edition )? Being stuck on some problems and would help to see some problems solved. I've found some similar topics by search, though they've mostly lead to dead links. thanks in advance
Hi, I got some problem in my keyboard while typing the text, Example if i press @ it will display like " this, What is the problem anyone can give me solution?
Hi, I need to change a design so that the SCI (serial comms) port bridges to SPI. but have problems finding a ready solution (Only found actmel and PIC solutions). Could someone please advise me the best solution for bridging SCI to SPI. Its needed so that I can use 8 digital pots on the same bus which also seems as difficult with I2C. I (...)
Hi, PCB Guild is a designing firm that provides Design solutions for electronics and electrical problems. We specialize in PCB designing and prototype fabrication. Visit our website ? PCB Guild. The only known cure for PCB Design Community or check the following links for our portfolio and complete
Many problems have simple solutions. Read here: Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Microwave Ovens Anyway - for your safety and to prevent damage to the device under test be sure to read and follow the safety procedures when it comes to servicing microwave ovens. Check for the s
Many problems have simple solutions. It may just be a bad connection or bad electrolytic capacitor. Remove the main plug and with caution of high voltage try to open the equipment and check for loose connections, for dry joints (use a good soldering iron to solder all suspected points) also for bad capacitors.
hey guys, I'm currently doing a project and I faced some sms problems.I am using PIC directly connect to handphone, my project is that the sensor will active the PIC to control the handphone which it connected to send a msg to a user(which we store the number in PIC).However can I know is my thinking (...)
my project title is stm(synchronous transport module)-1 cpe(customer premises equipment).. its very urgent. do try to help me out Do not beg for circuits or codes here. Do it yourself and post your problems for possible solutions. I have seen a duplicate post of this thread, and is now deleted. This th
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BARAN Microelectronic provides cost-effective and full range electronic design and manufacturing solutions from consultancy for particular design problems through to complete management of large scale design projects. We offer a full spectrum of systems engineering, including FPGA design, Hardware design, Board (PCB) design (...)