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Hi What is mean by scaling of a procesor?? while reading Theory of FFT processor I came across this line => "Divide by 2 scaling is performed at the output of each FFT Butterfly" What is scaling??Why scaling is performed??
2-line interface would use I2C, e.g. M24M01. Sharing one line for MISO and MOSI would work with SPI EEPROMs as well, but is more difficult to handle at the procesor side. CS control is mandatory, as explained by Venkadesh.
Hello all I am using LPC2148 and I am facing a little problem when programming it using Keil Compiler. The problem is, Keil gives the following error when I download the code to the procesor. Info: Could not measure total IR len. TDO is constant high. To overcome this I am running J-Link Commander to identify the code and the respo
hai i am a student. Iam kinda above amateur in embedded! I know mcs-51 well! I know to program in emb.c, asembly. And i know concept of rtos, and mcos programing. Can i chose arm procesor are anyother! I invent things frm simple concept! Wil arm be useful! Which procesr do u sugest! Do i need to learn the arm architecture! What language i nee
Current processors are designed based on clock frequency, which decides the operational speed. I have seen some examples of chemical processors which work on different concept. Is there any other better way to design a processor which is not restricted by frequency cycle ? Thanks :-)
Implementation of 2-DCT procesor using only cadence is posible or not......without using the MATLAB,verilog HDL.... How can give the input signal(vector) to the 2-DCT in cadence ? thanq...
Hi i have a Marantz av9000 preamp/procesor and is driving my crazy .... :cry::cry: it doesn`t work anymore correctly.... when i switch to stereo it works fine but when i switch to dolby digital or dolby prologic the meniu stop working from the remote controller ... the 5.1 decoder work but is no more control from the remote controller and has a po
I need a dump for this tv set with proccesor 8821CPNG5AK4.Tks. in advance. The same procesor is in tv Super Sunny ATC-1401 and Shownic Voque TN-21HD5.
hi guys, I have heared about a DSP procesor called SCR Blue Core Kalimba DSP Processor. is there anybudy worked on it....i wanted to know more about it....if anybudy having sample codes...development environment me...... Thanks & Regards Chandresh
knows someone how can i design a 16 bit CISC procesor in VHDL
Hi, i think this is depend not only from the language, but also from compiler and procesor. For example, in Keil for x51 you can't do this, you cant make the area of bool, and cant put bool in structure or unit. Actually have the way to made area of bool, but can put it to the structure or unit. The reason, if i undersoot right is that or bit varia
hi, i am using vdsp ver 4.0 and a voip board having BF 533 procesor. My system is xp. Actually i need to use the ifftN_fr16 and cfft_fr16 library functions of vdsp 4.0. My problem is that when i take 2048 frquency domain samples of a signal and use ifftN_fr16 followed by cfftN_fr16 functions, i should get the same frequency domain samples of th
Hello! I have problem that I can't start PIC18F8722 in HSPLL mode with external 10MHz oscilator. __CONFIG(1H, HSPLL); OSCTUNE= 0b11001111; OSCCON = 0b11110100; Can anyone give me right configuration or any sugestion what should I do. I'm using ICD2 and when procesor is runing there is no oscilator on the OSC1 and OSC2 to see on
If its just for your interest, then u can use some procesor simulators like VDSP (Analog Devices, which comes for 90days trial version free of cost; CCS for TI processors, for which u have to pay). Regarding RTOS, u can use VxWorks software which emulates target device for various systems like PowerPC, Sparc etc. With these emulators and simulator
need schematic for American video poker slot mashine with z80 procesor
Something like this in Elektor/Electuur of december 2001, using a PIC procesor.