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Watching the variable update during process evaluation may be simply unsupported.
all the IOs are at 3.3V regardless of what the VHDL code says Just tells you that the device stays unconfigured. Check the SPI slave configuration process description in iCE40 Programming and Configuration document and determine at which point it is failing.
Hi, I want to develop the car infotainment box, which might have simple features like audio, video, GPS & Bluetooth etc............ For this i have some doubts: 1) How can i choose the appropriate hardware, any evaluation boards are available? 2) How can i bring up that board, any process is available for it. if is available please mention it? 3
Hello, I'm working with TSMC 180nm and try to run Montre Calro Mismatch simulation. I can see the parameters variation of Porcess Analysis but for Mismatch Analysis there is no variation in parameters. I tried to check the variation of toxnmis or other parameters variation which are defined in mismatch section, but all parameters are 0 for all i
Hi all, I'm just about to design a "connector evaluation card" to correlate some model-based s-parameters for a connector pair we're going to use for ~8Gb/s transmission (so I'll want data that's good to maybe 20GHz...the extent of my N5230A). What I want to have at the end of the process are s-parameter data for the mated connector pair only,
im looking for loader for DS89C450 to download my code into a microcontroller process, i trid keil but didnot work and ive run the code on keil software without error. any software to load my code into the board?? please I used my own program for this, because it is simple UART interface. You can use MTK tool, ju
Hi, I wonder could HSPICE give the value of capacitors and inductors that are defined in standard processes such as 0.13um? as you might know in a technology library file for a specific process, electronic elements such as MOSFETs, resistors and also capacitors and inductors are defined by determining their length and width, so for example you can'
I did request an evaluation copy but they have a very complicated process for it and also it costs about $US200 for return posting of the evaluation copy. Any one has evaluation copy to upload somewhere for me to download and test it? Or perhaps you may already know a download link for the evaluation copy? (...)
Elaboration is the process of expanding your HDL description to represent all instances of all modules(Verilog) or entities(VHDL) into unique objects. It also involves evaluation and propagation of ports, constants and parameters(Verilog) or Generics(VHDL) throughout your description. Once that is done, you can either simulate or synthesize your de
Hello. I have a problem with this program . this program are complied correcty in modelsim without any error,but when I use ISE ,I face with this error? how can I resolve this error? who can help me? the error: Logic for signal is controlled by a clock but does not appear to be a valid sequential description. process(clk,reset,cl
Hi all, I just want to start learning PADS ES Suite. In the future I'm going to use only HyperLynx for Signal Integraty processes, but I want to learn all design process (design flow) with PADS ES Suite. I tried to start with standard "PADS evaluation Guide" but this guide is written very stupid and I can't understand how to start new (...)
In addition, you have been asking for "execution" order (the usual HDL term is evaluation) of statements in a sequential block. The statements are evaluated in a fixed linear order. If the sensitivity list condition is true, the process is scheduled. Please notice also, that sensitivity lists are ignored in hardware synthesis.
Hi. I have recently purchased sp605 evaluation kit. I have performed the BRD demo and bist demo . till now i have not worked on fpga boards and know almost nothing about them so i am finding it really difficult to implement my designs on the board. I have made a viterbi decoder and all the process till generating .bit file is done but
When I verified a design with a CPU, I created small programs to check assorted functions and peripherals of the CPU. This was long time before an evaluation board was available, so simulation was used. I wrote assembly programs to first check out of reset, SRAM, DRAM etc ... The process of embedding the compiler code into simulation is explaine
you meant the PCB development process, you can google DIY PCB, you will find many articles. For example DIY PCB Manufacturing Alex
what is "clk" connected to. my guess is that you have some other issues. inertial delays might work, but most likely you've generated "clk" from some expression where a term gets updated which causes clk to go to 1 AND starts the evaluation of a process that updates another term, causing clk to go to 0.
Hi All, I have a questioned, 1. Where can we get layout databases (GDSII stream) which are free IP , that can uses for research, study and evaluation? Does any foundry, EDA firms or ARM provide such IP? Anywhere from 90nm --> 45nm. 2. Where can I download or get process development kit which is open for public? Let’s say I need some desi
Testing my 10bit pipelined ADC,(SMIC 0.18 process) when diff input both connect dc commen input voltage(0.9V), the output code is not 511. and the output code in 3 evaluation Board is different respectively(1# is 485,2# is 540, 3# is 604). It may because offset of opamp ,but should not so large(about 50mV). So ,what else may cause the
Delta evaluation of Advanced MMIC process OMMIC D01PH and characterization under H2 and ambient atmosphere
Hi, I want to load my design into the flash memory of the xilinx evaluation board, in order to load the program automatically after power up. But I get some errors during the Flash memory programming process. I will be thankful if any one help me. Best Regards, Mehdi