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Hello! I need activate load when ttl 3v input low. Is attached shematic will work good?157939
is the input to a flyback converter ac current or pulsed dc current?
Hi all circuit designers, I have 2 questions reagarding biasing a LNA, as shown in the capture below: 157930 1/ For what i ve known so far, the R0 resistor is employed as a large enough value to restrict the noise current contribution from current mirror into core LNA devices. However, if I have a stable power supply
Hello, We are doing an SMPS using the DCM3623T50M53C2T00 Vicor DCDC module. We need to know what is the ripple current in the external output capacitors that we must fit. Please either state it (ripple current), or comment on our method of derivation?.. PSU Spec: ???????????????. Vin is 33V Vout is 48V iout is 6A Crossover fre
Hi, How do I get the impedance vs frequency (fig 2.32a) plot of page 33 of the attached in LTspice? The LTspice sim is as attached, but I cannot make it work and cannot get fig2.32a I can get the transfer function plot (fig 2.32b), but not fig2.32a. I am jus
I hope its OK to set this thread up as a question point for Vicor power modules? (saves doing lots of different posts) Hi, We wish to use two BCM4414xH0E5035yzz SMPS modules in parallel for a 3.3kW load. Vin = 800VDC, Vout = 48VDC, 70A. BCM4414xH0E5035yzz datasheet
For those missing the discussion, see the AXI transaction handshake process Since DATA is kept stable until both VALID and READY are asserted, then skid buffer serves no purpose at all ? Please correct me if I am wrong.
I've been doing a lot of survey article for fanout for design compiler. But for some technology process such as 90nm/.18um , our target library (.db / .lib) has already the settings of max_fanout/ max_capcitance for our design, but in 4x nm process, I can't find the max_fanout in .lib file 1. Is that the reason for settings ?? (But how to determi
Hello Everyone... I am using Auto desk Eagle version 9 for PCB design. More than 2 years I am using the same for my project works. My current version in Eagle 9.0.. Due to some reasons I need to update all My resistors(Pads size- Landing Area) and capacitors in all my work which was done previously. It will be more than 25 boards! I ha
What is ng ? What are the purposes of Ctrl0, Ctrl1, Ctrl2 and Ctrl3 ? 157929
In the data sheet of a 400 MHz transistor I found fall time = 60 ns. Clearly these are contradictory specifications - trise and tfall should be at least an order of magnitude shorter. Should I believe that fT is specified correctly? (e.g. 2SA2088FRAT106Q transistor).
Everything is in process documentation. You should use devices with postfix "_mac" . You can switch you devices manually or by script (if exist in your PDK setup)
i 'm facing the problem of uc3843/3842 VCC in a uc3843 based smps that show Vcc about 86vdc or even greater when the power mosfet & ic is not in the circuit. but when i place the ic, the voltage through kick resistor drop to 6.5v. the kick resistance value is 150k/2w. i blow up three 13n50 mosfets today beca
Hi Can anyone provide the circuit for Gaussian White noise source of frequency 6GHz? What are the main components in a noise generator circuit. How we can incorporate different distribution functions in it. If I want a White Gaussian Noise with uniform density function what changes do I have to make in my circuit.
Hi All, I have come across with this regulator and it just specifies the max thermal junction. I can just get temperature from the case, how could I calculate the max temperature possible on the case if I don't have the thermal resistance between junction and case?.
Hello, I am currently doing my project which requires me to use DE1-SoC. The project is to perform bearing health?s prognostic, it includes 3 parts which are: feature extraction, linear regression, and remaining useful life estimation using polynomial regression. What I have is the Python code for the above 3 functions, and I want to perform fe
Vin = 9.2V - 9.8V. For the circuit mentioned in the figure, if Input Voltage crosses 10V , Zener gets activated. For the given circuit, when zener is activated, will more current flow through the base of PNP and cause any trouble to the PNP transistor ? Or the circuit would do fine ?
Hello i am trying to follow the instructions in the attached article for the circuit shown bellow. At the third page we see that I1=40uA from the ft ,SR constrains. how do we know the value of I7? i need it in order to calculate I5, becuase I5=I7+I1 Thanks. 157852
Automotive radars use very complex algorithms to process the signals coming from various targets. Usually the radar chip manufacturers (Infineon, NXP, TI) provide some very basic algorithms just to show how their chipsets works. To decide what kind of targets are around the car, the system needs very fast and complex processing data algorithms. Inf
Hello, I am looking for is how the mobile knows which frequency or band it is using for transmission and reception? for e.g. : I am texting somebody. first the signal will go through triplexer then modulation of the signal. after that filtering of signal will take place. then it will go through power amplifier and in the last, mobile antenna