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Scattering parameters once a TRL calibration is performed are referred to the Zc of the micro-strip line. Determining with measurement Zc (that is not an outcome of the calibration process) is a problem ( myabe a next question to ask about). However from the theory we know that Zc is in general complex. Let say nearly real, but with a small imag
The technology file contains process specific parameters such as layer thicknesses and the sheet resistance of the various layers, isn't it. So should I have a technology file to make schematic simulation?
please share the parameters for 90 nm cmos process drain current,small signal parameter and intrinsic gate capacitance parameters for 90 nm cmos process (T=300k)
Dear All ; I 'm using sentaurus workbench as attached GUI in simulating multigate mosfet , and I need to add to parameters (number of fins and supply voltage ) as input parameter to the user to sweep on them I added them but can't add the command lines corresponding to those parameter in the sentaurus process input command file , I don't know in
Hi, typically the Avt and Beta mismatch parameters are given in the process design specification. They should also be included in the bsim models, or some additional statistical file.
Hi Info: I am using cadence IC6.1.6 and I have access to process Design Kits from a commercial foundry (PDKs) My aim is to have the ability to manipulate the model equations and parameters for the bipolar vbic model (or other models if possible) but for the specific process that I use from the fabrication foundry (the foundry supplies (...)
Hi all What is the name of Avt parameter in calculate mos threshold mismatch and how to find it in spice process model? Thanks
Hi, From a sensitivity analysis following a process only monte carlo analysis, I have a variance contribution report showing that the main contributions to the noise figure of a Low-noise amplifier are due to the parameters xbpos, xncjcu and xndren. I am using the IBM process BiCMOS8HP and ADEXL (Spectre RF). Any one who knows where to (...)
help i am doing analog ic design using 0.6um CMOS Bulk process.tell me the process with calculation method... Threshold voltage? Transconductance parameters in saturation? Bulk threshold parameter? Channel length modulation? Surface potential at strong inversion?
If you start with non-zero initial parameters, the iterative process won't arrive at all zero in one step. By watching the parameters and error square sum, you get an idea what goes wrong. To know reasonable parameters, you can perform the fit with a spread sheet calculator, e.g. the Excel solver.
Hi, I am new to the IC design domain...Where can I find the parameters of the 90nm technology process...??? Thanks and regards..
The model file must match the process technology, i.e. you can use any advanced model file from PTM for the 45nm process.
Hello guys, I'm beginner in automatics and could use your advice. So, I'm designing a PID regulator for oven and right now I'm trying to tune the Kp, Ki and Kd parameters. The oven has nice step response that gets easily approximated by the PT1 system with the dead time delay. 119806119807 T
process corner, voltage, temperature, number of tracks (i.e. cell height), threshold voltage, channel length, whether specific cells are available (E.g. UPF support).
I think this foundry kit is just prepared for MC mismatch parameters, which will be provided after corresponding silicon evaluation and measurements. New process?
what parameters should i use to design my trans conductance amplifier in 180 nm process?
Run a Monte Carlo analysis - if your transistor models include mismatch and/or process variance parameters - and display the delay measurement statistics ordered in your control file.
Hi everyone! I am trying to find the parameters of a surface mounted PM synchronous motor using the application note AN4680 (PMSM Electrical parameters Measurement) and had some queries regarding it. The Ld and Lq inductance measurement process is mentioned as follows 114339 114340 I want
Hi all, I would like to know if the TSMC 90nm transistor models from T-N90-CM-SP-004-K1/T-N90-CM-SP-013-K1 process Desgin Kit consist reliability parameters for Cadence Reliability Simulator. Thank you for reactions.
Hello everyone, I'm using siliconsmart for library characterization, the model I'm using is BSIMCMG and PTM. BSIMCMG describes the mathematical model of finfet in verilog-A. PTM lists process parameters in their model files. When I was trying to import the spice netlists, I got the following error messages on every netlist: Error: parse