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Hi, I am new to Image processing domain and want to know difference between SPOT Imagery and sar Imagery. I did some Google before posting this thread but didn't find any useful resource.
I have designed the sar ADC of 8 bit with sampling frequency of 1MHz in cadence.For calculating the dynamic performance , i have used code provided by Maxim . for exporting data , i have used the tool called TABLE in cadence and saved as . csv file and for processing , i deleted the time and heading of Table and saved as txt file and fed to the mat
Hi All, Is anyone working on sar processing using Polsarpro-Version 4 software? Thanks
i would like sar image processing in thesis. can anyone upload many sar images? thanks.
Dear all, It would be grateful if someone would give me the following ebooks: 1. Carrara W.G., Goodman R.S., Majewski R.M., Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal processing Algorithms, Artech House, 1995. 2. Curlander J.C., McDonough R.N., Synthetic Aperture Radar: Systems and Signal processing, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 19
hi there i think you can draw a line or curve along which u want the sar values and then in post processing ask it to calculate sar value along this curve or line i hope this helps regards
Hi, I need image processing for Synthetic Aperture Radar (sar) 2d image. If anyone has zernike moment transform for sar image.. pls help me. Thank you in advance
Hello everybody, I've just completed my B.E. (Electronics). My final year project was related to DSP and implementation on FPGA, i wrote a paper on that which got rejected for publication... Now im willing to get a paper published (after performing some proper research) related to DSP or Image processing or Radar (specially sar)..... can
Hi: The .fdfield contains the frequency domain near field information. Whe a user defines sar calculation (or frequency domain near field calculation), it will create this file. A user has a chose to ouptut E field only in the simulation setip. The .fdfield is supposed to be used by the GUI for post processing the f-domain near field and (...)
BTW This is a nice paper about ERS-1 RAW data processing: I made a simple sar data processing software using this document and got a good result.