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when I was trying to find answer for the following question, I got the answer 1022. please help me with your answers also. find how many times the two JNZ are executed? LXI H, 0503h DCR L. : LOOP JNZ LOOP DCR H JNZ LOOP HLT :roll:
1. Best Book for 8085 R.S Gaonkar “Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with 8085”, Penram International, Indian 5th Ed., 2002. It has very nicely explained all the fundamentals of processor and has covered all aspects of 8085,(but pre-requisite knowledge of (...)
I PIC, there is Working Register just like Accumulator in 8085 Micro-processor. movlw 0x05 will move the literal 0x05 in Working Register, Hence after execution the W=0x5 After that addlw 0x04 means add literal 0x04 with the content of working register and store the content back in working register.
who can give a verilog code for intel 8085 processor?
It's not always, just for some processor families, e.g. PIC that have fcy = fclk/2 (unless using a PLL). It's a matter of processor core design.
HI, 8085 is not a Soft processor. It is a Hard Core CPU. Infact the Soft Core CPUs are FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). The logic in here is controlled by software command hence changing the Gate Arrays according to the circuit requirement (u
Hi, A microprocessor contains lots of things. I dont know why you are going to do. It is really very very ....... big work. Anyway you can start from the basic blocks like ALU, counter, SRAM, ... ... I suggest you to design a 4-bit processor at first that can help you to get an overview.
You can start with this book Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085 (5th Edition) (9780130195708): Ramesh S. Gaonkar: Books
Hi, I've never made an embedded application program on a processor like 68000, but i have made simple assembly programs on 8085,8086 at college level. I do have made embedded application on Atmel AVR using AVR Studio and GCC. My questions are: -- Is there any compiler which can convert the code to machine level that i can write in C to w
ds1620 is quite recent temp sensor 8085 is very old processor you won't get anything about that unless you do it yourself !
hi.. am wrking in electronic boards testing company . developing vhdl program for IC's. now i want to design 8085 processor. i dnt kne how to start pls help me .. i knw the basics of 8085..tell me how to develop vhdl code and related tutorials.. pls..
Hi, Ale differentiates between address and data for the processor.ALE is high initially, When ALE goes low the contents on the port are latched and considered as address.
to study internal architecture of any processor u should know the concepts of computer organisation. go for morris mano. u will gwt details of internals of processor
I got tis code from the net i don't know for which processor it is module ha (Cout_bar, Sum, A, B); input A; input B; output Sum; output Cout_bar; xor xor1(Sum, A, B); and and1(Cout_bar, A, B); endmodule module fa (Cout, Sum, A, B, Cin); input A; input B;
I hve been designing an IC tester, i cant check the features of IC by apying low frequency clcok. Is there any method to work the processor slowly like 8051?
is any one knows why clock divider is introduced in processor what is the need??? it's not possible to attatch that crystal
To: the_risk_master and all others. These processors are NOT pipelined, maybe your VHDL code you have has build a core that is pipelined and able to run 8085/86 code but the original is NOT pipelined. If you know the PIC microchip fam, they also have a que of 2 instructions and still is NOT pipelined. Paul.
Normally, many processor architectures use this method to double the input clock. For this design, PCB may supply the low clock, and core can run with high clock. welcome to discuss this point.
Hi its the architecture of the microcontroller or microprocessor which defines the external and internal clk frequency's in 8085 it is divided by 2 before feeding it to the internal logic but in 8051 its directly used in the internal logic each instruction takes 12 clock cycle to execute. As it takes different processors like loading (...)
8085 is ancient processor! if i dont forget, it's D flipflop used for syncronize Reset with it's Clock. i dont know what is RST 7.5 ! Regards