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Hi, I am working on Automotive based project(TPMS). Now our product has PCB trace antenna. In the next version we are planning to add Stem valve as antenna. I do not have any idea about what technique i should use in the PCB to connect with stem valve. I googled and found that most of the product using Antenna strap. But I never saw the (...)
there are a number of posts dealing with WiFi modules and PICs, e.g. what device are you talking too and what protocol are you planning to use? for example, devices such as Microchip's RN171 support TCP and UDP protocols - you can
Hi, I'm planning to find the best load cell supplier in India, could someone please suggest me with the best ones.
Hello, I have an existing product that contain GPRS/3G, GPS reciever, Bluetooth, WIFI modules, all in the same board I'm planning to split this board in 2: Mother-board that has the 3G+GPS modules and a daughter-board will contain the bluetooth and the WIFI modules. I have a good reasons :) The only problem I am worried about is the type o
Hi All, I am planning to design a ARM based product which would consist around 20 GSM modems with 20 SIM cards. SIMCOM website shows the SIM900 supports only I2C and by default I2C is not enabled and there should be another firmware. And another document shows that SIM300 supports SPI interface which means i can achieve my concept. So kind
Hi I am planning to launch the PCB product line. I am considering using some in-house prototype as a start point. I would appreciate if you give me any useful information for producing 2 layer PCB. what kind of machines as well as their brand is more appropriate. I have already seen LPKF equipment but their price is too expensive Thanks in Ad
Hi guys, I am designing a power management board. The board expect to receive a input of 12V and product 2 output, V(50V) and V-10. I used a LM5002 chip to boost the 12V to 50V. I am not sure that is the best option. please advise me if you have a better way/chip to do it. Since the V-10 is directly from 50V, so i am planning to use a Zener
Hi all, I am planning to make an H-bridge for a DC motor. Here are the specs Supply voltage range - 12V to 30V Max current ≈5A I am planning to use IRF530 and IRF530 and IRF9530 mosfets The gate driver I have planned to use is this. Is this and the two mosfets are good choices?
Hello, We are planning to use a tactile switch for product which will come to user interface. What would be the suggested operation force for a switch so that it should not get activated because IP44 tests or other vibrational tests? One more query: Which type of pin termination is better Gull wing or J bend? Thanks, myatham
yes, i think it was a useful feature. I only used it when my project at work stalled (couldnt deliver the product in time) because I didnt have a solution to a problem and asked about it here.
Hi, We are planning to implement home automation. The idea has been captured in the attached. I want to add more features. For that I am expecting comments/suggestions from edaboard members also. If anyone interest to implement the same can cotact me. Thanks & Regards.
hi, I am from india manufacturing ECG machines using pic or philips micro conttroller depending upon the product. Due to demand, i am planning to introduce the interpretation feature as inbuilt. Tried googling but the results are not that satisfactory. So it would be nice if you could provide any tips or suggestions to design the programm
I am looking for information on education and opportunities and guidance in the field of electromagnetics, especially antenna engineering. I have been working working in telecoms services- starting as a planning engineer rising to product development manager at an operator for over 15years. I currently run my own company specializing in telecom
From search I have found that 4.7k and 33Pf will give approximately 4Mhz for PIC in external RC oscillator mode. I am planning to use it. Is there any consequence if we use RC oscillator in a PIC based product, instead of a 4Mhz crystal? Accuracy is no problem as my equipment is not time critical.Any other issues in long term? Thanks
you must pay 1000 bucks to put the SD logo in your final product... even you can get all the info you need to make it works...
Dear All, I am designing a product with ballast circuit lighting a flourescent lamp. I am using microcontroller also to controll some other functions. Now I want to make the flourescent lamp exclusive for me. So I am planning to use some other microcontroller circuitory, the PCB of which will be fused inside the Flourescent lamp. So to avoid other
NPI -> New product Introduction Engineer NPI engineer's usually responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating customers' new product or process development programs by providing technical guidance or assessment in the design, development, assembly, or test engineering disciplines within product engineering.
Ask you PCB manufacturer - they will tell you their constraints, and it will become a part of your checklist. Ask your certifying body, if you're planning to certify your product. Also, different kinds of circuits and applications have different PCB requirements. For example checklists for power PCB, rf PCB, high speed digital etc. will be differ
you must consult a an advertising expert but as a few point you can 1- establish a site for advertising your product 2- you can email your friends and ask them to send your product to every one else 3- you can advertise your product in approriate websites