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Hi, I tried to run a program provided by ARM. It worked on Microsoft Visual studio 2005, however, when I tried to execute it on Linux, there are some problems. The error message that I got is: /home/yinwei/CASI/CASI_Generic_Specification_SW/src/libcasi/CASISignal.cpp:22: error: template header not allowed in member definition of explicitly
You can use VMLAB ( ) for simulation of avr (c and asm) and peripherials (lcd,button,serial etc..). Great prog, it's free.
Whay ı'can not fınd batronix prog-studio 6.xx or ould version
Hi! I'm using prog studio.It's so good.:D Regards
Hi: I share my experience how touse modelsim to generate .fsdb file , hope this is helpful for those who want to learn Digital Deisgn 1. install vc6 2. edit path file as evn.bat it look like his : set PATH=C:\program Files\Microsoft Visual studio\VC98\Bin;C:\program Files\Microsoft Visual studio\COMMON\MSDEV98\BIN set (...)
If any body have the demo version of prog studio 5.09 please send me a copy or pm me regards and looking for kind corpration khalid