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I have wrote this program for that circuit with intention of counting every pulse that comes out of the signal generator but its not working so please check the project files in the attachment. // Lcd pinout settings sbit LCD_RS at RD4_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RD5_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RD3_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RD2_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RD1_bit;
Trying to program the pic16f887 using MPLAB v8.90 andPICKit3. Returns "Target Device ID(00002080) does not match Expected Device ID(000009a0). Using target P/S. Microchip has been unable to aid me. Have checked the wiring until they are nearly worn out from looking. I'm using a breadboard with only the wire necessary to program the (...)
In the following program How much Delay Does it Create can any one tell me ??? ...... ..... ..... void delay(unsigned long int count) { while(count > 0) { count--; } } ........ ....... ....... delay(100000); Please tell me Delay in seconds .. for LPC2148 (ARM 7)
That code is difficult to read, here is how to make it understandable: 1. use code tags around the code, the '#' in the bar above the message window. It tells Edaboard not to reformat it so we see it as you wrote it. 2. instead of using addresses, please use names. for example, at the top of the program use: cblock 0x20 delay_1 delay_2 delay
The program is total nonsense! "banksel" changes the register bank so you can access the named register but it does not change the register value itself. You should use banksel, change the register then use banksel again if necessary to access the next register. At the moment only the first banksel PORTD does anything and it leaves the wrong bank
Hi guys, i am tying to make up a program to calculate the PR2 and Timer2 prescaler for a given frequency received by RS232. i have the rs232 part of getting to read the data, but i am short of finding the right algorithm for the finding of the optimal: PR2, Timer2 Prescaler. Can anyone help me out. Timi,
hi guys, i and just trying to get the rs232 data out to the LCD by using the pic16f887. i made a test program for this and i have searched around and came up with this code: include "D:\Projects\asdfasdsa.h" //#include #define LCD_ENABLE_PIN PIN_B5 //// #define LCD_RS_PIN PIN_B4
I have a programmer which has DIP socket (40 pins) which supports pic16f887. i want to use this chip in tqfp44 package. even if i make a pcb for tqfp44 tp DIP converter then only problem is that there are 4 extra pins as the name suggests. so how to program it?
Please for more info! Where is your code? How we can help you without it? P.s. Telit gm862 modem have integrated python and you can program this job without PIC
I need control 8 motor speed by 1 MicroController IC. for this purpose i decided to use pic16f887 IC but it has only two PWM module so how can i program ... Sounds like a perfect mismatch between task and selected microcontroller. May be you can check PSoC from Cypress. I
Need some help regarding how to add another port for second LDR.I got 2 LDR,left and right LDR left = RA0 LDR right = RA1 Im actually still searching on how to add another reading for my LDR.I just done with left LDR to display the voltage in the LCD.Will provide my program after this.. #include #include "lcd.h" #incl
Observations: You can save yourself a lot of grief by using 'banksel' instead of switching banks by changing bits in the STATUS register. See the help file for instructions. You will have trouble if you try to use interrupts. Nothing is wrong with your code but if an interrupt occurred it would almost certainly crash the program. I'm assuming yo
I need c program for pic16f887 opto isolated digital input and output is LED..
please upload your program... Which program are you referring to, the OP doesn't have a code, he is asking for the code...
Hi lacoste, I present here a simple voltmeter with 16F887 (0-5v scale). But mind it, this is very basic with no input overvoltage protection. A voltage greater than 5v applied to the input will destroy the 16F887. Source code (written in mikroBasic): program softwarefor887Voltmeter dim LCD_RS as sbit at RB4_bit LCD_EN as sbit a
Is there any program that supports programming the pic16f887 under Linux, using a JDM programmer? I tried PikLab, and while it can compile programs for the 16F887, it doesn't support programming the device. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.