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I am trying to burn hex file into PIC 16f877a into a genius programmer. I am getting an error when I select the device. A dialog box pops up stating "An unnamed file was not found" . How to get rid of this error?
Hi, You might find chips like the 18F4520 , 4620 or 45/46k20/22 are the more direct equivalents of the 16f877a. The 4550 has all the complex USB functions which can be a pain to use when doing more basic circuits/programs. What programmer are you intending to use ?
need explanation about pickit2 programmer ? i compiled a code in mplab and burned it in pickit2 programmer .they shows different check sum values.i am having error in pic 16f877a burning .need help in it .
Guys, Does anyone of you have experience on writing 16F648A using G540 programmer ? I got 00 00 always, what should I do ? I set the configuration as OSC1 and OSC2 enabled... Any ideas will be appreciated, Thanks
Look sharp. pjmelect talks about loading the code into MPLAB, then changing fuses, finally programming it to the PIC. Nevertheless, the programmer can overwrite parts of the code, e.g. the fuses.
if u want then try to go through this link will get full idea regards jeevan
They are nothing to do with configuration bits. They are at addresses 0x2000 to 0x2003 and they are not accesible from within your program. Their purpose it for serial numbering, batch coding, firmware version storage or similar identification. You can only write and read them with a chip programmer. Brian.
how to load the Code file or HEX file to the PIC 16f877a microcontroller. what are the different ways to load the HEX file You need programmer which support programming PIC16f877a. You can buy or make programmer. There is lots of DIY variants for programmer. I suggest : PICKit 2 http:/
HI................................................................ I am new user of PIC micro-controller I use PIC 16f877a , mikroC compiler , WinPic800 and jmd programmer witch I attached it's circuit and I wrote this simple code for led blinking on PORTC.4 Every things works perfectly and the LED blinking But my problem is when I touch the
I use the Genius 540 programmer and one of the first programming exercises I did was to drive a 16x2 LCD display. The problem with the Genius 540 programmer is that it does not set the configuration word from the HEX file and that you have to enter the configuration word yourself in the Encrypt box. Another reason maybe that the circuit is working
im using a pic development board..with a 20mhz using pic16f877a and mikroC compiler and a top 2005 universal programmer... wrote a code to display a string on 16x2 lcd ...but nothing is being displayed........the development board is fine...thers some prob either in my code or m missing something while creating the hex file.....i read
You need to read up on serial communication. I'm not a real C programmer, but on the PC side I know there are C methodologies for sending data serially. I think it depends on whether your using Linux or Windows, etc. On the PIC side, there is lots of info from Microchip about how to implement a serial link. You will need an RS-232 interface chip
i have connected pic 16f877a with max232 and i am sending data via serial port. i made GUI in VB10 but the problem is that it is not writing hex file on PIC.Plz can any body help me..
which is your compiler ? Which is your programmer ? It will not work in real hardware if you didn't configured the configuration bits. In PIC16f877a, just try it with 0x3f3A. Either you could give the configuration bits in the C program or you could give it at the time of burning. In most programmer software, there will be an option to (...)
Dear All As we know in debugging mode RB7(scl) and RB6(sda) should connect with USB programmer In my board LCD also connected to RB7 and RB6. Will it works when we select debug mode ? My MUC is 16f877a Please advice
Hi, Also it seems that there are no memory chips on that board , unless its has components on both sides, so you will not be able to use the programmer to Go function should you ever need it. Basically that allows you to load a program into the PK2 , remove it from the PC, then take the PK2 to wherever the target device is and download the prog
For programming, you have the 3 suggested above, then you have mikroBASIC, mikroC, mikroPASCAL, IAR, etc. For the software for programmer, there are plenty, but it should come with the programmer that you have. ATMEGA32 is better than PIC 16f877a in some respects and worse in some. Doesn't matter. In the end they're both similar in (...)
I found the PIC 16f877a and 16F877 some what fragile. I have damaged several of these while programming on the PICSTART plus programmer. Whereas I never had such problems with 16F648A/16F628, 16F690 or the 18F series. I think the 877 series is more susceptible to damage than the others. Probably design fault or something makes this happen.
i have need to require tutorial of 89cxx microcontroller data transfer of pc to ? is data transfer on ?c... ? please help me...
Hi, Well Betwixt went to great lengths to explain Bootstaps / Bootloader ( same thing) to you yesterday. The PIc16Bootloader site does explain how it all works, but it does need the Bootloader program to be programmed into the 877a chip by a conventional programmer fisrt. Once that is done then you can downoad your operational program code