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It's an EPROM programmer you need, not a BIOS programmer. there are many types on the market and because most recent PCs use plcc packages you will also need an adapter. Start by making a list of all the IC types you are likely to program, bearing in mind that some new motherboards use (...)
Hello! Use/build PICKIT 2 (clone, of course), is a very good programmer.
I am looking for a way for students to be able to inexpensively program a CPLD or FPGA. Ideally this would be a device that could be assembled by the student/reader for a small amount of money and would be capable or operating under Windows/Mac/Linux Operating Systems. It would also be best if the programmer could function (...)
Hi, I am a beginner looking for possible 8051 controllers which can be directly programmed using the RS232 serial PC port. I found a circuit which included an 89C51 which needed some additional firmware to be written on to it. I don't have a EPROM programmer so thats a no-go. Would highly appreciate suggestions. Thanks mathewjmanavalan
Hi, No, Pics do not need an oscillator connecting ( unlike the AT chips in external mode) the best diy programmer to build is the Pickit2 Lite as featured many times in this forum, though you need to program its pic first , many very simple programmers around to do just that. (...)
HOW TO CONFIGURE winPIC800 with a DB-9 SERIAL JDM programmer Configure WINPIC800 with JDM programmer [url=images.elektroda.n
Hi Frisky, best way of knowing what some program is doing is to ask the programmer thet wrote it :)
I have a TOP853 I am trying to program the 2732 and 2764 I fine I can not program the Eprom I have try every thing can any one tell me the best Eprom programmer the 2732 and the 2764 is Blank
What are the best fusses setting for this code? I need Configration bit setting for PIC 18f452 using PICpgm programmer //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // // Software License Agreement // // the software supplied (...)
I think your programmer software should have an option to write the eeprom or not, from what you say you overwrite the eeprom data. Also check this for different ways to work with eeprom Alex
Dear All I have copied this core an paste to PICAXE PROGRAMMING EDITOR but cannot programmed ( ERROR :loop without DO ) So if you have the time please REWRITE this program for me Thanks in advance your time , and Sorry I am new programmer Picaxe.and not well in English. best regards.Lam ; generating 1 second pulse every 30 minutes (...)
Dear All... Is possible programmer the voice from mp3 or other source ,exp :(HELLO MY FRIEND) )to-- picaxe-m08.If yes please show me what I can do for programmer and play,Thank you in advance for your time. best regards
hi, I just think you'd better buy a cheap pic programmer (search for pickit2 on ebay they start ? $30) and then build a pic based esr meter, they are the best today like this russian open source one here : ??????????????????? C ? ES
Dear all, anybody using "FlashPro Lite" for ACTEL in wondows 7? windows 7 doesnt detect the programmer..... I installed the flash pro for windows 7, rebooted the device but still "FlashPro Lite" is not detected on parallel port? any hint any tip? best regards, mirzaaur
What should be the voltage in pin 13 and pin 14? If it it good. Pease help me i am newbie to microcontroller. Please also suggest what will be the best and simple and easy programmer for the uc. THANKS:-P Usr unipro 114U for DIP package chip programming.
Hi Friends, I am looking for ATMEL AVR Chip programmer and Debugger. I am located in Bangalore INDIA. best Regards P.Ashok Kumar
hi gyes how are you hope fit n fine all my experience is in flowcode and i think flowcode is best software for the beginner and professional just put & drop its a very easy and great software i am not programmer but now i am write our personal mcu i am make many project on flowcode and fell very good experince i give (...)
u need to build a pic programmer first i am attaching the db9 pic programmer circuit and even the pcb art work
AVR Studio is the best friend for AVR programmers. I advise you to install and make familiar with avr studio. Nandhu
Need programmer for all PICs Added after 1 minutes: HEllo friend i need programmer for all pics (universalprogrammer) i make one with MAX232 IC but it cant work Can any body give me Diagram and how to use it plzzz reply