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the best route to follow is to buy a pickit2 and develop from mplab. Its not everyone's favourite but it works and has a good help system. the alternative is to get a schematic for the pickit and build it yourself but if it fails to work you will not know where the problem lies. Old (...)
Download Hi-Tech PICC compiler for PIC16 and PICC18 compiler for PIC18 Microcontrollers... Trial version might be available from its website... just google... else send a PM.. i'll send u link.. for programmer, you can purchase MPLAB ICD2 from or you can find a Clone of ICD2 circuits in this Forum... search this forum
can i change eeprom data without removing from circuit board which is the best eeprom programmer (for 24cxx)
Hi You need to compile the bootloader code and produce a HEX or BIN programming file And program the file using an external programmer or a JTAG programmer or directly from your compiler debugger (depend of type used) All the best Bobi the (...)
which is the best programmer for the Attiny45 SMD
Hi, Yes you need a programmer to get the .hex code into the pic chip. the best one to buy or diy is a Microchip Pickit2 programmer - just do a search of this forum to plenty of diy plans - the Pickit2 Lite is a good one. You can program the pic (...)
Hi! I refer to Asim Khan's programmer wanted to built one. the circuit above connect the 4MHz crystal without using capacitors. In the Atmel datasheet all circuit shown requires that capacitors are to be connected too (33pF typical). So my question
Hi to all Did someone have drivers for this programmer ? On the box is referenced a web site ( ) but in this site there isn't drivers. there is only the last version of programmer (mini N-Link V2). Did someone have the drivers for this old programmer ?
I use the K128 usb programmer. It's about $50 for the legal version depending where you get it and between $20 and $30 for the chinese ripoff version.
Has anyone try this b4?? It says that it can run in Windows as well, but need to type commands similar to linux to download hex files into microC. Is there any downloader software like ICprog or WInpic that is compatible with this programmer? Or any other recommends on avr usb programmer that is like (...)
This is by and far the best GUI for USBASP Screen shots: Download link:
Hi every body, i need start my own project in programming PIC 16f628A, i have the programmer kit, and the PIC. i know that the C language will be used to program the PIC. i need your help to start my first program. how i cant start? best regards
Hello now i am planning to purchase a universal device programmer there are so many but i am very confuse which is good my prefer elnec SmartProg2 because lowcost, more device support and three years warrenty any sugessition?
Any one has tryied this programmer Will be there any problem because windows dont give acess to parallel port? :D
Are you sure ICprog support EPIC programmer? I use IC prog but I don't see EPIC programmer on list. best regards, Mr.Cube
My programmer works fine with PIC16F84A but when i try to program PIC16F877A I get this error message when I try to verify, Verify failed at ... what should i do ? the link below is the schematic diagram of the programmer. Thank you. best regards.
I am looking for Universal Microchip PIC programmer which can program 8, 18, 28 and 40-pin PICs in DIP form. Which one is best for beginners USB port or serial RS232 port programmer ?? Out-of-circuit programmer or In-circuit programmer ??
what kind of programmer are you using? I'll bet it's a parallel port ISP programmer. are you able to program other devices with this programmer? Lots of problems with these programmers, best to buy or build one that works from serial port or USB port.
Hi, I have never used an AT89S52 with external 64K code memory. Can you please suggest which IC would be the best one? I only need external code memory as the internal RAM would be sufficient for my purpose. the only criteria I am looking for is ease of programming the ROM chip. I cannot afford to buy (...)
Hello! Im starting programing PIC's, and for that i wish to use a "bootloader" to use on PIC via serial port directely from the circuit, for that i need a programmer to load the program. any one has schematis of programmers and the load programs that i have to send. I have no favorit PIC to use, Im (...)