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Look at the AVR Dragon low cost programmer, most chips are covered but check the list.
What do you mean by "serial"? All the PICs use serial programming protocol. If you don't have any PIC programmer, your best bet would be a simple programmer through serial or parallel ports. Google for JDM (serial port) or Schaer+/PG3B/EPIC programmer (parallel ports). I have tested both JDM (my (...)
I would suggest to get a breadboard, a programmer and start with some simple code. i haven't found any useful similators for the PIc, for the AVR it is integrated itn he design suite AVR studio and it's very good
Which is the best for an elementary programmer : CCS compiler or Visual Studio?
Hello Where can I find a programmer(open source) for STM32F103 microcontroller series ? Does IAR ARM JTAG support this microcontroller?
hi i need schematic for flash eprom programmer and software please helpme
1) You must have a programmer (hardware) to connect your PC to the PIC to be programmed. there are several programmers available for purchasing or you can build it yourself (lots of schematics and designs in the web). the easier and most simple is the JDM (...)
Hi i would like to ask if there is a job opening for a fresh graduate, for a VHDL. I learn this programing skill on my school, Im the best programmer of our batch. Having this, i want to pursue a job on VHDL programing. We use xilinx spartan 3E-FPGA for our simulatoin and implementation. And also im open for a (...)
Hi. Here is Source Code for PICkit 2 Command Line programmer: best Regards.
Use SEARCH .. Use SEARCH .. Regards, IanP
Hi everybody, I'm searching schematics the programmer/debugger for CC2430 (Chipcon). Maybe someone have? Thanks for fast reply best Regards Lukee
Try Easy Downloader, you first need to program an AT89S5x via a serial programming interface, but after that you have a good 89C5x regards
i am new in this field in ece i want to discuss good and new projects which are based upon pc programming and then linking with it hardware or programmer plz suggest me in this field alot of project comes which is the best which requires minmum hardware requirements for driver testing for summer training project [lz help me
Hi to all, the best programmer for me is WILLEM programmer, proffesional look and made, very cheep, very good software, look on , regards
dear firend as discussed in the forum there are varity of programmers best is to go for the site where u will find the exact jdm programmer for PIC if intersted in ponyprog then there are other option also
the best thing would be to have our own programmer h/w that can be used with ponyprog this is some thing that might help u
dear i am using Parallel Port programmer Propic2 it's very good one
Hello colleagues, Can you suggest me which is the good PIC programmer to buy ? It should be that can program many models ( 16F/Cxxx, 18F/Cxxx ). Thanks DavidNelly, If you really want to buy a good programmer, I suggested to you the Microchip ICD (In Circuit Debugger). This is a debugger, and a (...)
here is the best site for programmers for pic and AVR i have made pic programmer and it worked good can any body help me in AVR programmer if any body had any easily and worked programmer plz reply
depends what you want and how good programmer you are, winavr is best for me