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I need a small Universal Device programmer with the following features 1. USB port 2. 40 pins ZIF socket 3. Can program any DIP (upto 40pins) device without the use of adapters. 4. Should be of a compact size. 5. Can program most of the avaialable devices and should have good update support. can someone suggest a (...)
Hi. Do you test programmer on notebook or laptop, bacuse on many of them RS232 (on serial port) levels are low, and programmer can't work correctly? best Regards.
Could someone tell me about programmer circuit for ATMEL ARM SAM7. Please tell me the software for used.
Hi, i have a USB PIC programmer, that i want to use on my old notebook, but the notebook has no usb-port only rs-232 ports. I have search the net, but only found some circuits for USB to RS-232. I hope you can help me !!! best regards PicBlaster
Hi I need how to write pic 16F88 fuses with Pic basic pro language ? What do you want to do?? the fuses are normally written when you program the chip (using a programmer) and are not rewritten afterwards ... best regards
the best programmer for AVR is STK200 dongle STK200 dongle with Eagle files.there is oneside and twoside PCB version,but it is not in English. I think that circuit can You see normal. Software is Ponyprog from w
If it is possible, I have the Minato Model: 1866A Eprom programer. I need to manual (user) and software. Because I dont know use it. Thanks the your helps.. best regards..
Hi All, Does anyone have any idea about what is the best programmer avaliable in the market to use for programming a System ACE Compact flash card? I need to buy one but i don't know how to choose. can i use also to write to IBM microdrive. Thanks.
there is a lot programmers for this chip. You can search google if you want to see all of them. But I think that EPIC is best. It is relatevly simple, and offer wide variety of supported PICs.
Hello You will need an expirianced embedded programmer's and an expirianced hardware engineer for start you can start your buisniss from you own home and when you grow move to a larger place All the best Bobi
thanks , but did you test this programmer best regards
Try , simple Atmel programmers I'm build programmer for AT89C2051 - work best!
If you are handy I would start with the 16F84 since there is a lot of free software out there for this microchip. Get the programmer Application note from Microchip... AN589 and build the programmer for a few bucks. You can use the same (...)
Hi Fully windows based work on all system xp as well support allmost all types of pic source code provided to add your on device also support all popular hardware best for hobbiest for cheeper and best soultion here is the link Short Description This is a simple program for Win95/98/XP to progra
Hi! I am newbie with microcontrollers and i have a project programming the mega32. Could u help me with a programmer circuit for mega 32??? Also i am looking for C compiler! Thanks anyway!
the best investment I made was to buy a Microchip Mplab ICD2. then you get a programmer and a debugger in one. More and more PIC chips support the ICD2 for in circuit debugging, good bit of kit. You could use it with your laptop as it supports USB. If I were you, I would get rid of WINME and get Windows 2000.
Salam, It's In System programmer for AT89S & AVR Series Bye
Dear Comunity: Does anybody know a site which provides a free schematic of FPGA programmer? Or someone who knows about a site which offer a simple in desing FPGA programmer. Any information or suggestions will be well received. Thanks. I'm not sure that I can fully understand your question. But some ideas below would
Where can I found the tms320f2812 dsp flash programmer.
hi, i prefer mc34063a /or another dc-dc/ 5V to 13V step up conversion. then you can power the programmer with almost any wall AC adapter best regards