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I just got a pickit2 from one of the nearby stores, to find out later on, that the PIC32MX170F256 I have is not supported by the programmer. Is there anyway I can add it to the supported device list ? Or there is no way around it. Thank you :thumbsup:
You need to find a good textbook about digital logic. You code as a software programmer. You need to learn how digital logic works.. the best way would be to draw the circuit before you try and write any more vhdl code
I need to read/write NAND flash chips( only from time to time as a hobbyist) . I was thinking about a development board, where I would replace NAND flash chip with a SMD TSOP48 socket( yes the NAND chips I work with are for this socket only). I will insert a NAND into this socket and will read or write into it via JTAG If the original NAND have
Hello i will be buying a microship pic programmer what is the best hardware concerning speed, reliability , flexibility for programming pic microcontroller such that its operating program be compatible with windows 8? - - - Updated - - - could ICD3 program series of PIC18fxxxx and its mplab is downloda
the best way to learn to program is to write code as well as reading BigDog's recommended books get a development board such as Microchip's microstick it comes with an onbaord programmer and a header to connect to a breadboard where you can build your own circuit
Hi all! 1. My universal programmer does not list 8748 microcontroller, kindly guide me what software/programmer should I use to program 8748. 2. I need to copy hex file from 8748 to another 8748 microcontroller, is there any way I can read/copy hex file from microcontroller. Looking forward for your help!
My first post mysteriously disappeared, so I will try again... I'm trying to setup to program STC89C54 MPUs, and have a few rookie questions. I'm trying to select the best cross-compiler, free or paid, that would support the STC family -- not an easy task. And I'm trying to locate the STC-ISP Ver 5.newest-English (...)
As answered by Venkadesh_M you can do it for sure. Go ahead. And according to the hardware of the programmer is also flexible for almost all kind of 8051 ICs... But I am waiting for the confirmation from nandhu015.
Hi Harish, Why are you searching ?? implement one by yourself?? Try these.. best regards,
Hi My 2 cents. It is good to start with self made programmer, but if you going to use Atmel AVR for long (as most get addicted to it), please invest in a good programmer. there is a good reason to it. When programming devices a lot of data is transfered and the data lines switch rapidly generating spikes. (...)
Asalam-o-Alikum....!! i am interested to make programmer for PIC18f, although i don't know much about pic18f458 and programming too .but in this semester this subject will be i am trying to study this, specially making understanding with programming. www.radiolocm
AVR In-Circuit Serial programmer ATTiny2313 programming pins are: 92283 best regards, Peter :wink:
I don't have any programmer to program my computer does not have any serial or parallel port. but my friend have the serial port. is there any simple programmer that support for pic18f2550. If you have serial port, you can use JDM programmer. Google will help you to find one.
I use atmega32 (16mhz), avr studio 6, and an avr usb programmer My LCD is 16X2 JDH162A I successfully made a code for writing to an LCD...but when I tried making for writing to a specific location, all I was able to do was move the cursor to a specific location, but not able to write on that location.. the program compiled (...)
can you read the 89C2051 with another programmer or is it damaged? if you explain what programmer it is or where you got it maybe someone has the software for it? Can you post a schematic of the programmer?
Maybe this programmer use power from USB port, this is nothing unusual. best is to post name of programmer and some picture or manufacturer link. Is this your programmer ? He take power from PC USB port. You made
Am new to Pic programming, pls i need someone to help me on usb programmer. This is my e-mail address thanks alot. Regards.
I don't know this programmer but in general use the lowest possible programming speed you can and ensure your supplying 5v during programming to get be best chance of success. Some devices will get away with 3v but just to be sure.
I have a PIC programmer with sockets to program PIC micros in standalone mode. the programmer also contain connection points (ICSP) to provide in-circuit programming facility. like:- 1.MCLR 2. PGD 3.PGC 4.PGM 5.VCC 6.GND I want to in-circuit program a pic16F84a chip. the problem is that those names (above list) (...)
Hello, I need help.. which one is best and cheaper programer to load my code (.hex) into infineone c161. 1st priority -only load hex file into controller(by putting controller in socket) 2nd - programmer supports debugging with tasking. Thanks, kunal