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Hello everybody,can you please help me to think on the implementation of a digital clock with PIC16F877A and PCF8583? I am new in I2C programming in ccs c ;please help.
Hello, I have one LCD clock using DS1307 + PIC16F877A. But now i just want to use only Time and want to transfer data to 7 Segment Multiplexed 4 Display. So can anyone help me regarding changes made to the C Code ? i know about multiplexing 7 Segments using pic. i just need to transfer only time to 4 7-Segment multiplexed m confused
Hello every body i have a project of digital clock by BASIC STAMP MICROCONTROLLER ,,,, but i have a problem in the programming.. could you please repeat me with code of this programming and i am using this type of 7 segment [AT
This is a program of a digital clock using 89s52 #include "REGX52.H" #include "delay.h" #include "lcd.h" void main(void) { int hr=0; /*initiate hour=0 */ int min=0; /*initiate minutes=0 */ int sec=0; /*initiate seconds=0 */ P1=0xff; /*set port 1 as input port */ P2=0x00; /*set port 2 as output port*/ while(1) { LCD_INIT(); /*initializ
Hi all, I want to make a digital clock, include PIC16F88, LCD 16x2 and RTC DS1302. I use CCS C complier, and driver for DS1302 is DS1302.C in C:\Program Files\PICC\Drivers. Here is the code: void rtc_display() { // Hien thi gio if (hour<10) { lcd_gotoxy(1,1);lcd_putc("0"); lcd_gotoxy(
Hi, I need an analog frequency for mixer LO as 600-1200Mhz. The ultimate frequency of DDS is about 400MHz (AD9910 by ADI), but the CDCE62005 (by TI) ranges from 4.25MHz to 1.175GHz. so I pan to adopt the AD9910 to synthesize a low frequency (about 40Mhz), and applied to the input of CDCE62005, by programming the CDCE62005, the output can achieve t
the first three rules of good programming are "comment, comment and comment".
hi have u pulled up reset pin of the controller through a suitable resistor.. and add decoupling capacitore accros vdd and vss. set the config fuse to disable LVP (Low Voltage programming)
hi everybody I have a project about manchester decoding, I tried to make it with PIC but I failed because PIC was slower to do it. after that I decided to make it with 8051 and I already have a CY7C68013A. my problem is about programming CY7C68013A, I use assembly language for programming MCUs (8051 or PIC) but according to my search (...)
hi! i am working on digital clock using rtc8563 & 89c51 controller.there is also a temprature sensor using lm335 & adc0809 with same 89c51on different port.the lcd will show time,day,date & me in implementing the programming and interfacing.programming will be in assembly language.its a urgent.IF HAVE ANY (...)
Hi , echo 47 thanks for ur good reply i have purchased Xilinx spartan complete trainner kit , can any one send me " digital clock Proagramming in Verilog just for idea on that why i am starting my work. Thanking you, please also suggest me some possible Reserach topic related to Verilog .
Verilog is a hardware description language, not a sequential programming language. You can't do a sum-of-products in a 'for' loop. Your module doesn't even have a clock. Search for tutorials or examples of digital signal processing in Verilog. Sum-of-products is a common operation in DSP.
does any body know how to make a real time clock using zilog... im new to this programming and i havent got the slightest idea... but i have to make one for a simple project for school... i hope you guys can help me.