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I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop PCB I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE LED ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 VIA programming(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
Start with a *VERY* simple project in mind, look for tutorial examples that cover that type of project, look at the microcontroller used in the tutorial and get a development kit based on the same type of microcontroller. Then begin with a 'flash a LED' style of program - you will be amazed at how much you need to do to get that going BUT, once yo
Top Twenty chart of programming languages
Hello all, I started using CodeBlocks for programming AVR micorcontrollers, it looks a good IDE for AVR programming. But I have a small problem with it. I wrote a simple code for testing, the code is: #include int main(void) { DDRB=00000011; PORTB=00000001; while(1) { } return 0; }
Hello guys, Ive been learning python and all is very nice, my main goal is to make simple scripts to interface mainly thru serial/USB and ethernet to some PCBs i design to control purposes, more like for prototyping. But now i want to go to a next fase which is to make things a bit more pretty on screen with a GUI, buttons, message boxes, etc. S
hello,i used avr programer to program the atmega8l -8pu ( ) this is the programmer i have tow kinds of codes @8MHz atmega8noxtal.upload.protocol=stk500 atmega8noxtal.upload.maximum_size=7168 atmega8noxtal.upload.speed=38400 atmega8noxtal.bootloader.low
5.4 Code source du prototype avec laser #include LCD4Bit_mod lcd = LCD4Bit_mod(2); int Signal1 = 2, Signal2 = 3; int STATE, PreSTATE; const int NUM_KEYS = 5; const int adc_key_val ={30, 150, 360, 535, 760 }; int key = -1, oldkey = -1; boolean en_position = false, lasers_detectes = false, lasers_non_detectes =
Hello I am a beginner in embedded programming. and i need help I want to send audio captured by microphone over Ethernet for further analysis. for this i bought a board from NGX here is now here are my questions 1) which debugger should i use KEIL UNILINK
I trained a NN with matlab using the following code : p = ; t = ; net = newff(p,t,3); net = train(net,p,t); y = sim(net,p) Now i'm tring to use the weights & bias calculated by matlab in order to use them to creat a NN in other programming languages, so i used the NN parameters
Hello guys I was wondering if I can get a direction of where to start in vehicles control system especially these new vehicles. I have a university diploma in Computer engineering and wide knowledge in programming in C, php, Python and others. So if you can help me get start it'll be appreciated.
#include #include #define input_CLK PIN_B0 #define pin_1 PIN_B3 #define input_data PIN_B4 #define input_LED PIN_D1 void main() { usb_cdc_init(); usb_init(); usb_wait_for_enumeration(); int1 data; int i; int1 received_data=0; int1 data_input=0; int1
The following tutorials and code examples should assist you: 8051 programming for UART - Starts half way down the page Serial Communication Tutorial: Introduction [URL="w
Hi everybody. i use bascom for programming and proteus for simulating i got an error on proteus when i use can be simple to fix it, but i really cant find the problem so i cant use keypad $regfile = "m32def.dat" $crystal = 4000000 Config Kbd = Portc Dim B As Byte , I As
AVR In-Circuit Serial Programmer ATTiny2313 programming pins are: 92283 Best regards, Peter :wink:
ICSP - In Circuit Serial programming Microchip programming Specification Search programming specification on Microchip web sit
As far as I know, php has its own capabilities for creating graphs so you can do everything you need just with php. Also, as far as I know, VB is not compatible with php, so you can't include VB code and php code in the same page. However, you should be able to pass variables to a web page via any (...)
Make sure you go through the AVR Freaks tutorials section: These are some tutorials to get you started: AVR programming Methods [url=www.avrfreaks.n
HEllo everybody, My passion is to become a ethical hacker, So slightly started getting in to it, i want to know what al the programming languages i have to learn in order to become a complete professional hacker?? As of now i'm almost a junior hacker, in networking so wanna become more professional, And by net and blogs i came to know that ( C/C+