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1) why we using oscillators in microcontrollers? 2) how we can select oscillators ? 3) why we using capacitors along with oscillator with controllers? 4) how oscillators affect the controllers with respect to programs? There is a major difference between an oscillator and a crystal. Oscillators are typically self
Look on Microchip's web site - there are example SD card programs for a variety of PICs. However, I am not sure the smaller PICs are suitable due to limited memory. You need a certain amount on memory to handle the file system (and possibly block read/write). If you ignore standard file systems and simply treat it as a memory chip then it may be po
I am a beginner in assembly language for writing PIC programs, i have been given this assignment to do. So far i have initialised all the input output ports. 75394 THe only part i need help with is the flowchart on the right. This is a traffic light controller to display three characters in the middle of the second line.
go thru AT commands first and then sample programs to completely understand its operation
Yes and No. There are not library functions available in the Hi-Tech C for PIC10/12/16, like there are in other Hi-Tech C Compilers for other PIC families. However, there are sample programs with contain ready made function for I2C . These sample programs and the source and header files for the respective protocols can be found within the sample
yes i mean hyperterminal when i said terminal.... usually when we develop programs for GSM we connect the controller board to hyperterminal, and when controller sends "AT" to terminal window we type OK instead of modem, and see if controller sends the next command... like this we type the commands on terminal and test the functionality of the contr
hi.. i'm kinda new in making programs.. can anybody help me out on how to display a message on a lcd?.. any sample codes that i can use for reference.. i am using a 2x16 lcd, pic16f877a and mplab ide assembly code.. i am hoping to come up with a VOM type project where the lcd displays the analog input in the pic.. pls help me.. tnx in advance..
hi all I have written 2 programs (using mikroc),one for usart transmitter(pic16f877a) and the other for usart receiver(pic18f2550).pic16f877a transmits the pattern 10101010 through usart and pic18f2550 receives it.but at the receiver side pic18f2550 receives something else(observed when simulated on proteus) but the receiver (...)
hello fellow engineers.. we are working with our thesis project. we use pic16f877a to interface with the sim900D gsm/sms module.. we are having problems (program) on testing the module if it communicates with the PIC and could really send message..we have tried inserting a sim to the module and call the number on the sim.tapping a speaker in
Most programs need some kind of clock/timer and one way to implement it is to have a global variable that is incremented in a Timer interrupt routine. You could use Timer 1 and pre-load it so that it interrupts every 1mS. In the interrupt routine, increment the global variable. Use Mplab sim to check the interrupt timing. When using unsigned
can nyone help me with interfacing pic16f877a and adc0809(lm35 is d input to adc).......the internal adc is nt accesible.....i hav tried out sm programs but in vain........if nyone can help me by giving d code it wl be helpful....its urgent!!(date of submission crossed)...
Hello, I tried these 2 programs but they don't work very well. They miss some pulses during the count. Can anybody help me? Thanks '* ' * Project name: Rotary encoder ' * Description: Rotary encoder with interrupt ' * Test configuration: ' board: My Board Aduri ' MCU: pic16f877a ' Oscill
I'm looking for pic16f877a sample C programs and tutorials. Thank you very much for your help. Hieu

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