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hello hello can any body help with masters project topics on wireless or LTE technology? thx
I am going for a master thesis on wireless communication. My professor asked me to choose any new topics for wireless communication and make a project proposal. What topics should I choose that will be helpful for me to peruse further research and PHD. Temporarily I am looking forward to MIMO OFDM Will it be wise?
i m doing the same but its just a semester project . how much have u implemented so far?
Kindly assist in CDMA related project Topic. I am a masters student in Wireless communication Engineering. Thanks
Dear, I am a masters degree student in Computer Networks currently doing a research project on Locating Mobile Station in Cellular Network using techniques such as TOA, TDOA. Actually, I am a student in computer science school with some information technology background. I have very little background on communication and networking (...)
Hi everyone, Can you please suggest me a topic for my masters' project in analog IC design.I am looking for a project that could combine the concepts of analog design and digital modulation circuit. In my communication class, I learnt many block levels circuits used in digital (...)
please tell us you are doing project for your bachelors or masters degree....
hi all Iam doing masters in communication engg. For my final year project (packet scheduling in EDGE)i have to use NS-2. i have the software and now i have started reading the manual,C++ and linux. anybody plz tell me whether i should learn OTCL/TK also. Iam a biginner in C++ and linux.should one be an expert in C++ and linux to do (...)