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The question is unclear. What do you want particularly to improve? The electrical efficiency of modern VFD is very high, e.g. 98 %. It can be still interesting to improve it, but it's a matter of profound power electronics experience and hardly suitable for an academic project. You get probably a much higher efficiency saving potential by (...)
A 30 W SCR inverter is a demonstration project, either to demonstrate antique power electronics concepts or the working principle of real high power (MW) systems. The commutation method would be choose according to the requirements of the demonstrated system. I won't rule out "class B" (resonant LC circuit commutation). (...)
Hello,there I am implementing a project for controlling an AC three phase asynchronous machine of 11KW ,I want to use 6 MOSFETS and do it with SPWM;could you please advise on the components and codes to use? Thank you You have a lot to learn before you can do this. And you cannot expect to find all the answers he
hi, I am currently doing power electronics this, I need a Dc to Dc converter between engine of 1.5kw(60v,25amps) and six 8v batteries for charging the series hybrid electrical vehicle.what type of converter shall i use here..??or can you give some idea to design a dc to dc converter for this project.
hi, Look here, your module is a UV Ballast. - - - Updated - - -
Hi everyone:smile: , I am doing my last year post graduation on power electronics.I would like to ask everyone's help to find an appropriate project opportunity in any reputed industry. Expecting your help, Thanks and regards Peter
Hi guys, I'm new to power electronics and my professor gave me a project to design and build. It is a SMPS 9V input, 400V output 3A. Anyone who knows how to design this power supply??? I will appreciate your help. Thanks a LOT in advance!!!!:lol:
Hi all, This might be a dumb question or something already answered and I simply don't know what to search for so please bear with me. I have a small project I'm working on and don't know where to start so here it goes. I need a small motor/actuator/servo/something that can power a rod/stiff wire (1lb pressure is enough) to extend and retrac
Hello I am looking for someone who can DESIGN AN INTEGRATED VOLTAGE-MODE CONTROLLED DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER. The project must be done on cadence using 0.35um technology. All simulations must be completed by team viewer on my machine. It is a one week job and I am willing to pay 200usd upon successful completion. Anyone interested, please feel
I need a guild on the design and simulation of a wireless power transmission. Due to my inexperience I would like to use the experience of those that have done it before should guild me on how to proceed with the project work. I just have 8weeks!!
Try this my project: Electronic Load Manager.
Hello! Im new to electronics and this is my first project so bare with me.. i Want to build a fan-controller. i have a power source that is 15VDC 1000mA and the fans require 12VDC 160mA... How should i do that and does it matter how many fans i want to use? All what you need for the fan is to drop 3V, fr
You show the defective original power supply that is a kit in Greece and is a project at electronics-Lab. Many of its parts are overloaded and are operating with a supply voltage higher than their maximum allowed voltage. The maximum output voltage at 3A is not 30V, it is about 25V with lots of ripple. I fixed the circuit and there are a (...)
Hello everyone, I am a student working on power electronics. I worked on a simulation project. My supervisor thinks that my work is publishable in an IEEE transaction journal. I have prepared the draft. But, the problems is with the images added to the paper. I used MATLAB for simulation. In an image, I have 6 MATLAB figure tiled (...)
Hi, I am an electronics engineering student and I am working on robotics project. I am using 150W brushed DC motors with sabertooth motor driver to control them. I am trying to follow line without using line sensors. I am getting feedback from 3000 ppr wheel encoders. So, I calculate error from difference between count of encoders and using PID a
Hi I am doing some power electronics project in which I m using Onsemi ICs. Onsemi provides pspice, ispice models. I am doing my all simulations into Proteus. So I would like to do these simulation into proteus. Eariler, I imported some MOSFET pspice models into proteus as per guidelines given in the help. But I am unable to import (...)
Hi everyone; I am Sergio Toledano, from Spain. In my student years I used to study power electronics, but now I work in a company developing sensors.There I realize the importance of programing languages. I want to start a project in my house as a hobbie, which mix power electronics and digital (...)
My reglable power supply , the transformer must be changed ( 2x9V , 1.2A with 24V , 3A ) . project : Link .
Are you in final sem MTech? Can you do projects on power electronics topics?
Hi! what type of electronics projects do you want? As far as my knowledge is concerned, there are various categories in electronics projects named embedded systems projects, electrical projects, robotics projects, communication projects, solar (...)
Dear all, Next semester i will prepare for my graduation project, so I need help from yours in good ideas in Analog Design &Layout Thanks in advance
Here is a 15KWatts inverter project. It uses JAL for microcontroller programming as you do. This is source code for 16F628, which can be modified. It is to drive hiddge delivering sinewave output at 60
Presented here power supply consists of two pieces, based on popular project: LINK . Transformer used was Unitra Ts90/16, because it has a lot of output voltage
EXPERT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS Email:, Cell: 9952749533, 9345276362. Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India IEEE 2010, IEEE 2011 BASED projectS FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS OF B.E in EEE (Electrical and
The power supply is based on that project: LINK , although some new elements were added. List of elements added: transformer windings switch (so transformer emits less heat) [*
Scheme of the PCB can be found here: LINK . The project was modified by adding a small converter ? 12V stabilizer (7812) to power the fan, relay and indicator on th
It is a digitally controlled power supply with variable voltage regulation 0-30V of 2A current efficiency. The project was taken from: LINK . The assu
First determine the resonant frequency of transducer. Make the circuit resonant using capacitor in paralell to output coil. Have a look a driver project, power ultrasonic driver
ys it will be better, if it is related with power electronics... and if u knows communiation projects like telephone, mobile etc then plz post the links over here....i wll be very thankful to u.. Oo u want to make Telephone,Mobile as a project etc
Hi, first post here :) and an absolute noob to electronics so please bear with me. I'm doing a project at home for myself where I want to have a PCB behind the motherboard tray of a PC that acts as an extension for the 24pin ATX cable + all the PCI-E power cables. Here was my first mockup of the 24 pin(Yes its really random colours :-P (...)
Hi, I am a student taking Adv Diploma in electronics Engineering in Malaysia... Im facing a problem in my project... My college have no such a high-end equipment for high power testing (about 20kv+), and i need a equivalent circuit to complete my simulation... is there any electrical equivalent circuit to represent a dielectric fluid e.g. (...)
User ?Dakki? presents his latest construction ? a project of a digital soldering station based on AVT-987 (diagrams of controller and power supply below). The electronics was made on the boards from the EP website, actually not
You will find some on the sites mentioned below: power electronics projects - 1:electronics / Electrical/Instrumentation/Applied electronics project Ideas power electronics projects
Hi...Please look at this link.. power GRID CONTROL THROUGH PC - 1:project Request 103. power Grid Control Through PC
Dear Ian, I've a project in power electronics for Induction Heating for my final year electronics.....i would be very grateful if you could help me with a simple design for induction heating a blade or a pin etc.. Regards Sharon Devassi put your thread for everybody to participate and answer and if it is for a
I am in need of a schematic for a power supply board in a B&k 1432 oscilloscope with a board number x68-1200-00. anyone have one available. needed for a school project for my brother to complete in electronics by the end of july. any help or direction to one is appreciated.
hi sir,i'm NALINI ,doing Mtech in power electronics and drives ........ sir i have taken Improvement of the Electric power Quality Using Series Active and Shunt Passive Filters" as a base paper for my project....i got struck in designing of LPF filter in closed loop control scheme of dual instantaneous (...)
It's not entirely clear from any of the pictures, but I'd hazard a guess that you connect VD (a generally used label for supply voltages on circuitboards) to your positive supply (+12V, or +10 in your case). The other three wires are labeled RO, GO, BO, which should correspond to the three separate circuits of LEDs on the board (Red, Green, Blue).
hello, I recently started learning microcontrollers and ran into a little problem here okay, so once I got all my stuff delivered I rushed into building that power circuit thing to transform 9v to 5 (from tutorial for noobs Beginning Embedded electronics - 1 - SparkFun electronics ) -6 hours of my life
I am fairly new to electronics and I have to make a project for college. I have got a mothercare bottle warmer. I intend to use it as the heating material. I want to use it with a battery instead of current outlet. The problem i am facing is that, i need a battery power source that can support it. It needs 2A and 12V to operate. I am (...)
plz suggest me some final year projects related to power electronics..i want to do something new and innovative..... thanks
Good evening, my first time posting here. I dont have very much experience with high power electronics and I have a question about Tig welders. I'm thinking about taking on a Tig welder project AC/DC 200A. I am pretty good with the primary/mains side its just the high power side I have a little trouble wrapping my head (...)
Hello. I am a final year electrical/electronics engineering student, currently doing a project on using auto-email and sms for power quality monitoring, improving the previous project. Can anyone help me on how to implement auto-email notification and write C programming code for sending sms through 8051? Can I use (...)
Hiiii i am final year student of electronics engineering...i want to do project in th field of power electronics and microcontroller..i have chosen some toics as follows: • Bluetooth based remote control for servo motor Quality control in industrial production unit. Biomedical Monitoring system. (...)
Hi everybody I really need to learn working with dsp IC to control power electronics, How can i start it?, does anybody have a sample project like boost or buck converters controlled by dsp?, you sure that any helps will be really appreciated? Tnx a lot
I am looking for a simulation software which should help me in power line communication and power electronics circuit simulation. I am working on a project of data transmission over power lines. I was using "protious" but it didn't worked. I can not find my required IC's in its library. please help me
That power supply project has many errors. Many of its parts are overloaded including its transformer, its opamps operate at a supply voltage that is higher than their max allowed voltage and it does not give 30VDC at 3A. We fixed it in the forum there. in which forum fixed version found regards Fragrance
well, i just finished a masters in power electronics related field. i can tell you that your academic adviser will say that they care not if your final project is sellable to industry.. only that it contains much acedmic merit. they would rather you explore a new finding through analytical / simulation means then to design a product to (...)
It's my first post here, so I'd like to say "hello" to everyone :) I'm going to design the isolated SEPIC converter as my academic project. The biggest for me is to understand how inductors and transfomer work in this circuit and how to simulate it. According to Erickson and Maksimovic "Fundamentals of power electronics" isolated (...)
Hi All, I am doing a mini project of designing a simple reglator. I am looking online, but i do not find examples of designing regulators. I have studied the Fundamentals of power electronics. It is a nice book but does not elaborate on how to design on a block basis. Appreciate if you could suggest the book/website to refer