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The question is unclear. What do you want particularly to improve? The electrical efficiency of modern VFD is very high, e.g. 98 %. It can be still interesting to improve it, but it's a matter of profound power electronics experience and hardly suitable for an academic project. You get probably a much higher efficiency saving potential by (...)
A 30 W SCR inverter is a demonstration project, either to demonstrate antique power electronics concepts or the working principle of real high power (MW) systems. The commutation method would be choose according to the requirements of the demonstrated system. I won't rule out "class B" (resonant LC circuit commutation). (...)
Hello,there I am implementing a project for controlling an AC three phase asynchronous machine of 11KW ,I want to use 6 MOSFETS and do it with SPWM;could you please advise on the components and codes to use? Thank you!!
hi, I am currently doing power electronics this, I need a Dc to Dc converter between engine of 1.5kw(60v,25amps) and six 8v batteries for charging the series hybrid electrical vehicle.what type of converter shall i use here..??or can you give some idea to design a dc to dc converter for this project.
hi, Look here, your module is a UV Ballast. - - - Updated - - -
Hi everyone:smile: , I am doing my last year post graduation on power electronics.I would like to ask everyone's help to find an appropriate project opportunity in any reputed industry. Expecting your help, Thanks and regards Peter
Hi guys, I'm new to power electronics and my professor gave me a project to design and build. It is a SMPS 9V input, 400V output 3A. Anyone who knows how to design this power supply??? I will appreciate your help. Thanks a LOT in advance!!!!:lol:
Hi all, This might be a dumb question or something already answered and I simply don't know what to search for so please bear with me. I have a small project I'm working on and don't know where to start so here it goes. I need a small motor/actuator/servo/something that can power a rod/stiff wire (1lb pressure is enough) to extend and retrac
Hello I am looking for someone who can DESIGN AN INTEGRATED VOLTAGE-MODE CONTROLLED DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER. The project must be done on cadence using 0.35um technology. All simulations must be completed by team viewer on my machine. It is a one week job and I am willing to pay 200usd upon successful completion. Anyone interested, please feel
I need a guild on the design and simulation of a wireless power transmission. Due to my inexperience I would like to use the experience of those that have done it before should guild me on how to proceed with the project work. I just have 8weeks!!
Try this my project: Electronic Load Manager.
Hello! Im new to electronics and this is my first project so bare with me.. i Want to build a fan-controller. i have a power source that is 15VDC 1000mA and the fans require 12VDC 160mA... How should i do that and does it matter how many fans i want to use?
You show the defective original power supply that is a kit in Greece and is a project at electronics-Lab. Many of its parts are overloaded and are operating with a supply voltage higher than their maximum allowed voltage. The maximum output voltage at 3A is not 30V, it is about 25V with lots of ripple. I fixed the circuit and there are a (...)
Hello everyone, I am a student working on power electronics. I worked on a simulation project. My supervisor thinks that my work is publishable in an IEEE transaction journal. I have prepared the draft. But, the problems is with the images added to the paper. I used MATLAB for simulation. In an image, I have 6 MATLAB figure tiled (...)
Hi, I am an electronics engineering student and I am working on robotics project. I am using 150W brushed DC motors with sabertooth motor driver to control them. I am trying to follow line without using line sensors. I am getting feedback from 3000 ppr wheel encoders. So, I calculate error from difference between count of encoders and using PID a
Hi I am doing some power electronics project in which I m using Onsemi ICs. Onsemi provides pspice, ispice models. I am doing my all simulations into Proteus. So I would like to do these simulation into proteus. Eariler, I imported some MOSFET pspice models into proteus as per guidelines given in the help. But I am unable to import (...)
Hi everyone; I am Sergio Toledano, from Spain. In my student years I used to study power electronics, but now I work in a company developing sensors.There I realize the importance of programing languages. I want to start a project in my house as a hobbie, which mix power electronics and digital (...)
My reglable power supply , the transformer must be changed ( 2x9V , 1.2A with 24V , 3A ) . project : Link .
Are you in final sem MTech? Can you do projects on power electronics topics?
hey guys i'm BE 3rs year student n i m looking for project ideas. please suggest me few its urgent