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Contact me for Embedded Product Design and programming I am an Embedded Engineer. I have worked with 8051, PIC, AVR, PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32, STM32, Tiva, Stellaris Microcontrollers. I design embedded circuits and write programs for it in C language. If anybody needs projects to be done or needs an embedded product to be designed then you can con
It's a standard monochrome LED-board design. There are loads of microcontroller projects showing how to drive similar display boards. Presuming the latest decoder circuit is correct, it's a 1:16 mux scheme. Respectively I would expect either 16 rows x 96 columns or 32 rows x 48 columns LED matrix. The difference only matters for data generation,
I have knowledge in 8051,PIC. I wants to manufacture an outdoor display board using microcontroller which can support image, text, and also video Assuming that you are actually looking for projects on which you can make adaptations to create your own according to your specifications, the most recommended action
I am considering laying out my own PCB for a general purpose 8051 microcontroller board. I use the Dallas-Maxim DS89C450 in many projects and I always start out by making the circuit on solderless bread boards. All my designs include a MAX232 or some sort, a 74-125, crystal socket, 2 status LEDs, and the 40 pin PDIP uP. I'd like to layout
I frequently throw together little 8051 projects, always starting out on solder-less bread boards. I get annoyed that I'm always creating the same basic 8051 circuit, then building off of that. I use the DS89C450 (I have dozens), so my base circuit always has the micro, a 74125, a max232 of some sort, crystal, ... etc. I got to (...)
Try this code.
Check 8051 projects at I think they have ADC0804 and RTC DS1307 projects. Just take the code and combine them.
Hey, I'm an absolute beginner to micro controllers. I've just started reading the 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by Muhammad Mazidi. I want to start with a project but all i really have right now is the at89c51 chip. i wanted to start with led interfacing using this chip. But all the links need me to have a programmable board. Is it
hello friends, m new to this group. I seek your advise on some imp topic. I am in 8th sem of in ece. I m placed in reputed IT company "TCS". In my 2nd year 7 3rd year i have taken training on 8051 & AVR uC and hence made many projects and acquired interest in embedded system design & programming. But then came to know that there is very lit
Hello, I am an ECE student, final year(8th sem) from kurukshetra university. I am at the end of my engg., but no scope of job because no company comes to our college. I have keen interest in embedded systems so i have also done short term courses in 8051,AVR & matlab. Also i have made the big projects like robotic arm without any help from anyone
Hi there, Please go through these links and revert me back.
thats a good website with 8051, AVR and Pic projects try some basic projects and you will learn about controller
Check this books : Microcontroller projects in C for the 8051 Author : Dogan Ibrahim Architecture and Programming of 8051 Microcontrollers Author: Milan Verle Here you can find MikroC compiler for 8051 with documentation and ex
Hai all I want to design a new surveillance system that can detect a particular crowd from the capturing video. I have some vague ideas abut this. But i do not know how i can do this. I am in confusion. But i am designing applications and projects in Embedded Systems using microcontrollers particularly by using AVR, PIC and 8051..Can i d
See 8051 UART examples at for Serial Interrupt code. Also chexk 8051 GSM projects at
If you want to print some text like 'A' or "Hello!" on LCD then you need lcd library or code for lcd. See for 8051, PIC, AVR, LCD projects. You will get code and Proteus simulation files there.
Maybe this projects can help you or give you some ideas for developing your project : Wireless Infrared Link Module C
Hello everyone I am Jaideep pursuing Btech final year. Currently i am doing my project titled "Vehicle Tracking and Accident Alert System" It works with an acceleration sensor MMA7660 and depending on values obtained from it, the tilt is measured and accident is detected Currently am facing projects in interfacing MMA7660
You mean on DIY maded development board or to buy in Kit and solder parts alone ? DIY dev board for 8051 :
8051 and AVR are ALMOST same..AVR is with faster speed, more peripherals like builtin adc, comparator and PWM channels. its easy to program and even has builtin oscilators upto 8mhz. AVR has in system programming capability. it is good for hobby robotics. for more professional robotics projects PIC is prefered. i dont know much about PIC. ARDUINI