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Hello All, I am a good user of hfss but i want to integrate hfss with MATLAB. i-e I want hfss to work at back end and monitor it through MATLAB. I am not getting any help from the link as its not being opened. please guide me.. I am a basic user of MATLAB though
hi, Is it possible to plot the results of two different projects in order to compare them (like in this example).119600 tnx in advance.
can u suggest me the projects which are related to R&M on MAT lab or hfss software
Direct link: 109464 1.hfss co-wound_spiral_antenna.hfss 2.hfss 10db_coupler.hfss 10ghz horn balanis.hfss 10ghz_horn_balanis(1).hfss 10ghz_horn_balanis.hfss 16ports.hfss antenas.hfss (...)
Hi there, I'm very new to this board. I have to pick a project from a list given by my teacher, in which we have to make simulations in hfss12. The remaining projects sound like this: 1.Conical spiral metal strip logarithmically periodic 1-10 Ghz analysis (Fig. 11.6 - Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design - Balanis p620) 2.Dipol Array log p
Here is a Matlab to hfss program. If you get it to work let us know.
I will recommend hfss for such projects....!!! Use hfss and follow the link:
merge two or more plots from the different projects in hfss
lots of my projects have the same strings $begin 'Folders' Definitions(1104, 10000, 1, 1, 0, false, false) Materials(1104, 9500, 9, 2, 1, false, false) $end 'Folders' really have no idea what does they mean, maybe it doesn't matter? :) just copy them everywhere. also the same strings can be found in adsn files,
Hello Simos Check this link. let me know if its helpful Regards Elchachito
The two files attached here are for modelling a coaxial colinear antenna - like this, but which has a somewhat exagerated gain figure. Build A 9dB, 70cm Collinear Antenna Both hfss files have a problem in that the length of the section at the top of the antenna is too short, but that's
Hi, Have you ever tried finding example projects from CST and hfss website? They usually have those kind of resources. You can even email them for help. They have application engineers that helps people with software problems. Microwave123
hi, I do a folded slot antenna design in hfss , following this paper. But I am not sure about the principle underlie the design .Welcome someone give some advise about my sample project !:lol:
Are 2 projects with Far field reports, Rectangular plots. Can I show them on 1 plot to compare?
In my projoject's folders are saved lot of files with names fields.evtrs and other extentions. projects folder take 100Mb and more. How to clear saved filds.* files, becose they no more needed, & to save only structure without results? Thanks
Hello, Two questions: 1. I have a coax structure that I would like to use as a port. How do I define the port in the hfss-IE? 2. How can I (easily) transform an hfss_design project file into a hfss_IE. I'm told that a copy & paste of the objects would just do it, but I do not how to do that. (I tried and couldn't find a spot in the IE (...)
First off all, sorry about my bad english :oops: I am a new here on this forum, and have a problem with projects in hfss v10. I am making a cirkular patch antenass on a pipe, and half sfere ground. this antenass what i am make is making by the real antennas dimensions and averything. Simulation goas whell, but the results are not good, the radio
Assalamu Alaikom, i need help , i bought a new pc later with the following specs,dual core processor@2.7GHz ,4Gb RAM in order to can handle hfss projects, when i use hfss now, i got the same problem ,it crashes with the folloeing errors: out of memory,Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d exited with code 100,Communication failure. System (...)
Hi, I want to simulate backscattering RCS of a conducting thin metal plate in hfss. I could not find enough information like pdfs, example projects etc. So can you help me with a document or answering my question? First of all, I drew the plate and and sphere which is the mesh termination surface that we have to assign radiation boundary on
Hi, I am wroking on some UWB antenna designs , If you like i can check your hfss file. please upload your hfss projects. regards