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Hello I am using proload 5.4v and need to program 89s8253. But I am getting a error message "Device time out". Is there any way to program 89s8253 using proload?
That programmer dont work! And first you must have 89C2051 programmed. Use this simple (PC software is in attachment): 78726 or this for 89C2051/89S51/S52/S53 78728 78729 Software is proload 5.4 and Firmware is 1001-3456 v44 SS :1008AD000A0D2043484B53554D203D2
Problem: Device Detect Timeout programmer is single sided, firmware 4.4, proload 5.4 Programming all DIP (89c2051, 89s51, 89s52) with no problems, but cant program 89c2051 smd!!! Chips is 89C2051-24SI soldered on adapter DIP to SO. Adapter and chip work with other programmer. When I put the same adapter with chip tu sunrom get (...)
you can get flash magic or proload in this forum.. i had posted recently... search if not i will post it again....
you need a seperate programmer to program 89c51 IC. you can use proload or ez55 software for burning the hex file
hello, can anyone help me in finding the problem for the sunrom atmel 89 series programmer.actually i have built ed the circuit and connected to my pc with proload 4.1 shows hardware connected and the program burning process also done shows "write successful".but at the same time it shows "0 bytes used" and simil
When a updated version of proload 5.4 with auto detect feature is available, why you need a old one? Just use google with the said keyword for ample results. Cheers
I have sunrom programmer for 8051 (1001-3456). I am using proload V5.4 software for programming Atmel series ?c. I want to program PHILIPS microcontroller also. Can I use same programmer / Is there any software like proload which uses this hardware and program PHILIPS ?c. Thanks
finaly got the link may be good for other or copy and pest links other wise they wont work www.kmitl
Go through these links for 89 series programmers www.kmitl
You may download the Sunrom 89 series programmer files fron the given links Cheers Please thank by the "Helped me" button
Hi Can anyone please let me know if they are using the sunrom AT89C55WD rapid development board from Sunrom technologies ( ) ? Are you using proload to program your AT89C55WD dev board? i facing problem in programing AT89C55WD in verify sector AT89C55WD not proper programed .plz help me
has someone make this programmer to work??? I couldn`t time ago... maybe you can use another programmer like the proload