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hello everyone. i am trying to convert from protel 99se to proteus ares pcb designe software . i dont want to miss my protel designs and component library. i have tried to export protel files to dxf formate and import in ares but it does not work properly. maybe i am not (...)
Hi all, I think that proteus Lite and protel are the most popular software for drawing schematic diagrams. good luck. @+
hi my friends i need ebooks about protel DXP 2009 or 2011 and proteus Professional 7.8 SP2 and Cadence OrCad 16.5 if was available ebooks. upload them and alert me thanks a lot
Hello, I am new on this forum and loved to see the sea of information available here. Great going. I needed help on converting .pcb files from protel to files compatible with proteus ares. Firstly, is it possible. If yes, how do I go about doing it? Thanks. Cheers.
you can use protel for pcb designing its more power full tool for PCB Designe and its available to free download
Not that I'm aware of, the only way woudl be to redraw the Schematic and PCB, I think there was a smaller versin of protel called autotrax but I think this is based on the old dos system, Normally we send our files to our design house in gerber format they just make the PCB'S
Are you talking about a PDIF file from PCAD or PADS, or do you mean a PDF document file? PCAD PDIF files have a PDF extension, but they are entirely different from a PDF document. If you mean you want to convert a document file into a protel file, there's no direct way to do that. It is possible to convert the PDF to a DXF file, and then impor
Your subject line says protel and your post says proteus. Which one is correct? When you say your files are in PDF format, do you mean PDIF or Portable Document Format? What was the source of your schematics?
I never see, but... protel 99 and protel Altium, yes. Altium protel have a 3D library models compliant to the Mechanical CAD, SolidWorks . +++
Hello everybody, I have a little problem with drawing in protel (I admit I am a rookie): I cannot import devices from library from ftdi's site (which has .LIB extension) in protel and I dont understand part from their guide whish says: "OrCAD 16-bit DOS schematics can be imported into protel (...)
I dont use protel so cant help, sorry. But in Cadstar in this situation I would export the file as an archive & re-import it to check that the design is correct then go from there. You could have an error in the schematic, can you copy/paste sections of it to another schematic and transfer them to PCB to see which area fo the schematic is in
it has many way.. EWB, protel, orcad i found out protel and orcad more precisely on simulation result and the libraries are compatible
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Hi, protel Multisim proteus SphinX
Is there a package for protel which can co-simulate the PIC16x8xx or dedug-it ? proteus is the best. You can simulate with PICBASICPLUS, very affine with PICBASICPRO and proteus supports it nebisman,