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Hi All Some of the menu commands in protel dxp 2004 gives me the following error : Code 1400. Invalid window handle. I'm running it on Windows 7, Premium, 64-Bit. I've allready checked the windows system files with command prompt :sfc\scannow for any missing or corrupt files, but found nothing. Also in clean boot mode it still does the (...)
Hi there, I am new at protel and have small project with LEDs and resistors. Now, when I try to do: Project > Compile Document Schematics.SchDoc I have multiple compiler errors (on every pin of every LED) Signal PINSignal xxx - has no driver I don't beleave that problem is with choosing parts from Library ...and I beleave that
Hi all, I hope someone can help me out with this question. I have a friend who is using protel 2004 dxp. I am thinking of getting Altium Designer 9 or 10. My question is: does anyone know if we would be able to exchange schematics and PCB layouts? I understand both programs are from the same company.
Hello, I'm an electronic engineer student I have to work with protel dxp 2004, in fact it's not matching with my competencies ( software development) so my questions will be silly :) but I need soon answers: I have to make a circuit board (38mm*38mm) , but I didn't find many component in the standard library (offering by Altium), I read (...)
Hi, I used protel dxp 2004 to do Signal integrity . However I have a problem: There are two error nets (look the photo) - the message shows the track endpoint is not correctly connected but I checked this and everything is ok, the same problem has the second net?? I don't get it. And, Does enybody know where can I find the IBIS files for (...)
Hi, Hope some of you guys still use protel dxp 2004. Is there a way to change a trace width except to go to the Design/Rules... ? I am manually designing a board, and would like to be able to change it on the fly. Is it possible? Milosh
Salute all, I'm new to PCB design, so please bear with me. I'm currently using dxp 2004 to design my PCB, and I start out my project with Schematic capture with multiple sheets. So far, it seems to be OK, however when I try to compile the project I get these error messages and I don't know how to fix the problem. Here they are: 1-Adding items
For now, I am using old version protel; protel98 to design schematic and PCB. If I install new version of protel, I mean protel dxp2004 and I make schematic using it, can I open the schematic file using old protel98? Thanks for any input:)
does anybody know how can i run protel dxp 2004 on vista? because when i want to run dxp 2004 on vista it has incompatibility error .
Is it possible to have 2 pcb board in a single project in protel dxp 2004? For example, I'd like to have my psu on a different board, my system on a different board but both are under the same project. If so, when anotating is it possible to define different sets of designator for both the boards eg: psu:R1-R10, system:R11-R20 Help (...)
MAybe u have to try to ask for technical support from protel...this situation is quite weird...
Hi, I am designing a 4 layer board and am facing some problems while using Autoroute of protel dxp 2004. 1. Which strategy of autorouting is the best one to choose? I chose via miser . There are other options as well. Can someone suggest me under which cinditions should i use a specific strategy. 2. After autorouting, i get a message (...)
While my previous question has remained unanswered in a few threads below, I take my chance and ask a few more questions about protel dxp 2004. 1- Some nets have to connect to SMD components as well as other components. I normally would like that such nets to have a clearance of at least 20mil but because SMD pins are closer than this If I (...)
Hello, I use protel dxp 2004 build For grouping nets in net classes I used to assign net labels to nets in schematic and then I would go to PCB and in Design>Classes I would arrange thoes net labels as classes to assign rules between them until today that I read an interesting post in this forum that suggests life is even more (...)
Hello, I'm trying to guard some high impedance nets that have sub nano ampere currents in protel dxp 2004 for a 2 layers board. I can create polygons in the sensitive area and attach the polygon to a high quality follower of the sensitive net but it is not satisfactory. Some areas of the polygons can't be attached to the rest of polygon (...)
First one it seem syou have some floating input pin or port. Make sure that port or net names match and that input pins are connected somewhere. As for second, I don't think that protel is built to do that. Maybe you could go through rules for top layer and force it to perform as you like.
HI... Is there any option availble in protel dxp for the PAD FILL OPtion.. i mean there is a option available in Eagle called fill Pad....with this it is really easy to drill in a systematic way....when we Fabricate PCBs at home...
Hi all, i have task to build electronic plant that reprensetate second order using opamp+resistor+capacitor. before i build i, i try to simulate it using electronic software like protel dxp 2004 and Circuit maker 6.0. Unfortunatelly, the respon like overshoot, error steady state don't appear at transient analysis part. Why? i just want to (...)
You cannot automatically mitre tracks using protel dxp2004. You could approximate this type of track by using a track segment of a different width at the corner; however, it is pretty much a waste of time unless your tracks are very wide. The effect of 90 degree corners on high speed/high frequency signals is negligible unless the track (...)