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Review the generated gerber output to answer the question yourself. In a real world, solder mask does not overlay copper. Looks like erroneous display. I thought up to now that any professional layout tool would allow the definition of arbitrary shaped pads (and considered protel 99 a professional tool).
hi i have one pcb design with sprint layout software i need convert to protel but not found export to protel any freinds can new design this pcb in protel or altium designer format for me ? please helpme regard
Altium , cadsoft eagle , protel
In the schematic u should select a protel format netlist
A senior design engineer has just given me a usb stick with protel pcb layout software on it. He tells me that any design i do must be drawn and layed out in this protel What is it? Is it that DOS based PCB layout package? I have been told its a version before ver 3.5.2. I have been told that if i have anything (...)
Hello Everyone, I am looking for a tool or software which can translates the schematic and layout design from cadstar, orcad, pcad, protel to pads logic/ DX designer schematic and pads layout design. Which can converts the associated schematic symbol and PCB libraries to pads. Above mentioned are my extensive require but its okay if (...)
I'm circuit designer and know well about PCB design concepts but the actual PCB routing was done by others. Now I want to create PCB my self (no fabrication just layout till get the Gerber file). many tolls are there OrCad, PADS, protel ...etc. I need your advice what is the suitable one to start with put into consideration that I need to make simu
hummm... my dear friend photoshop not pcb software you must be use pcb cad software like protel,easypc,pcb123.xpresspcb,pad2pad,pia ,sprint layout any one you must use pcb cad then your all problome to be solve ,
911EDA, Inc. provides PCB layout and PCB design services. We are now available to discuss your projects "face to face" on Skype. If you are looking for support with your PCB layout project, our designers can get your layout done for you using Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro, PADs, Expedition, BoardStation, OrCAD, (...)
Altium board design saved as protel (Pcb.Doc) file will NOT import to Orcad layout. Need help with this. Orcad support was not helpful. Appreciate any input, Thank you, George
Im not experienced with OrCAD. However, at some CAD design tools ( protel, for instance ), whenever you update design ( SCH->PCB ), all components not related in schematic, loses net atributes. You must check configuration options. At protel, is possible to avoid that condition. +++
im using orcad tool for designing. i want learn different toolz to develop my career. is there any difference b/w altium, protel, pcad. plz anybodu knows reply 2 me.
911EDA, Inc. specializes in PCB layout Services and PCB Design Services. Our team of designers have a minimum of 10 years experience each. We have expert users of: Altium Designer, Expedition, BoardStation, PADs, Allegro, OrCAD, protel, PCAD, and more... We cater to tight delivery schedules when you need your pr
i have tried in many ways,but it dose't work.:cry: so can anyone help me? thx first!
Please look this application note it describes step by step how to export layout from MWO to protel.
Hi I'm provding PCB layout Design jobs service. I have experience around 10 years in PADS, ALLEGRO, protel Very cost effective & excellent technical service Any one needs our PCB layout service, let us know
hello all respected what is the best way to design a layout for mixed signal ckt. what precaution we will take during compo. placement and how we start . i worked with protel dxp. thanks in advance
I Think protel is cheaper but u need to check you can test freePCB I've a very little experience with this Open Source Tool check it here: Added after 41 minutes: besides protel, Proteus is a low cost suit but at first you can try some Open Source and usually free tools they wort
Hi I want to import a layout drawn by protel in CST. What should I do?