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Watch Video " Run protel 99 SE on Window 7 & Solve library File Not Recognized Error" www youtube com/watch?v=R7Orthw0L1o
The documentaion says all protel designs and libraries can be read by Altium. Did you try to simply open the library file?
hello everyone. i am trying to convert from protel 99se to proteus ares pcb designe software . i dont want to miss my protel designs and component library. i have tried to export protel files to dxf formate and import in ares but it does not work properly. maybe i am not understanding setting of exporting and (...)
Hello, In standard Altium libarary there is no footprint of DB25 male PCB socket. Where can I find it?
Hi there, I am new at protel and have small project with LEDs and resistors. Now, when I try to do: Project > Compile Document Schematics.SchDoc I have multiple compiler errors (on every pin of every LED) Signal PINSignal xxx - has no driver I don't beleave that problem is with choosing parts from library ...and I beleave that
Does anyone know how can I convert a protel PCB library into an Orcad one? Thank you in advance.
In protel 98 I could place a part in sch using the keyboard and specify the library reference (RES), component comment (1k) and footprint (0805) I'm using Integratedlibrary:PlacelibraryComponent and all I can specify is library reference: LibReference=RES How do I specify footprint and comment?
Hello, Is there a way to do converting from a protel 99se pcb footprint *.Lib file to pcad *.lia ? It is easy to save schematics (design or component) from protel in a pcad format but it seems there is no way with the 99se version to expoxt in pcad format the footprint library and PCB design. Regards, Vincent
why now going to add library files appear protel SE 99 SP6 "error file not Recognized" please help me solution.........
dear mr/madam I have just installed protel DXP and I need to add some equipment to my library. I don't have any time to add one bye one :-? . Please share your library that has ( atmega16 -Cny70 -L298 and ...).
im using orcad tool for designing. i want learn different toolz to develop my career. is there any difference b/w altium, protel, pcad. plz anybodu knows reply 2 me.
I have a problem generating protel library report. In my report footprint images are not good. I can see only the upper left quarter of my footprint. Please help :cry:
Hello, I'm an electronic engineer student I have to work with protel dxp 2004, in fact it's not matching with my competencies ( software development) so my questions will be silly :) but I need soon answers: I have to make a circuit board (38mm*38mm) , but I didn't find many component in the standard library (offering by Altium), I read many tut
Cadence says in their CADSTAR 10 brochure: PCB, library and Schematic Translators CADSTAR accepts designs and libraries from Cadence, Allegro and Orcad, Mentor Graphics PADS, Altium protel and P-CAD.
Hi, I'm using DXP protel to design my PCB Circuit. But I'm having difficulties locating ultrasonic transducer 400WB160 in the library. I could only find a similar component which is term as motor. This component has the same shape and pins but with different diameter width/size. How do I adjust this size/width of this component? I am able to adjus
i love altium DXP. i have faithfully used it for a long time now. but all the libraries for the parts i WANT to use are in eagle!! does anyone know of a utility to convert eagle to altium protel format? that would be a nice xmas present!! i can import Orcad... how about an eagle to orcad? i need dsPIC library!! (yes i am joi
All of the available protel99SE libraries are freely available on the Altium web site at: . protel99SE is an old, outdated, version of Altium software. No new libraries have been released since the product was superceded by DXP and Altium Designer.
I never see, but... protel 99 and protel Altium, yes. Altium protel have a 3D library models compliant to the Mechanical CAD, SolidWorks . +++
Hello everybody, I have a little problem with drawing in protel (I admit I am a rookie): I cannot import devices from library from ftdi's site (which has .LIB extension) in protel and I dont understand part from their guide whish says: "OrCAD 16-bit DOS schematics can be imported into protel schematic capture (...)
Hello folks, Hope everyone in fine. does anyone has the protel DXP Symbol + FootPrint for * vertix-5 XC5VLX30 (1FF676CES) * IS42S16160B SDRAM I shall really be greatful. Regards Ahmad
Hi all, I am trying to find 62-pin card edge connector in protel DXP library. Anyone has any idea where I can get it without drawing it by myself? And one more question, if the card edge is not gold-plated, how much will it affect the board? I am using it as DC supplies and trigger lines. Thanks, James
The only "free" library creator for protel is the one that is built into the software. doesn't even have one for sale. They sell libraries that are already created. They had them created in PADS then converted to protel by contractors using Altium Designer 6 software - it has a builtin file converter.
Colleagues, If aynone has an OrCAD schematic symbol for Xilinx XCR3064XL (CoolRunner XPLA3 family), could you upload it? Cheers, Nick Added after 4 hours 17 minutes: P.S. It should be possible to convert the protel library into OrCAD library. Unfortunately, I don't have protel.
I have only experience of Cadstar out of these 2, and for support and library I can say... If you are on the annual maintenance then you do get some support when you need it, you can have your files fixed when they get corrupted etc which is usually OK. library wise, there is a big collection of libraries available online at Zuken, however I
MAybe u have to try to ask for technical support from protel...this situation is quite weird...
There is a shareware program for importing logos to all versions of protel PCB. It creates a PCB file with the logo on whatever layer you specify. From there you can copy the result to a library component, or another PCB file. It was posted in the past, and you can find it on this forum at:
Hello Everyone; I need the PCB artwork of AD9858 for protel 99. Can anyone provide me the related protel library for me?
it doesn't exist in protel library, you must make lcd library by yourself
I use protel99se to draw the circuit. Do you know where I can find schematic library of XC3S400-40Q208I? Appreciated.
hI all, i desined my own tsop48 library for protel but seems to be not correct, if any one have this library, please upload it here. Regards,
Being an occasional PCB designer that maybe lays out a small board every year or two it is not worth paying for expensive libraries that are available for download. Also being such an infrequent user of 99 SE I constantly struggle remembering how I created a library part years before. Is there a site/method/strategy of downloading free or very a
Hello! Can anyone help me to design this footrpint in protel DXP. The problem is that solder mask is not placed symetricaly over pad, only one part of pad is open. Figure 8 Any idea is wellcome! Regards!
hi, is there any tool for converting library from Orcad to protel (or vice versa)? Thanks for any help.
Hi, Does anyone have a protel 99 PCB library for the ATMega 169? I searched the internet quite a bit, but couldn't find one. Thanks.
hello if you want to find an component in sch of protel99se or dxp ,you can use from find in the bottom of the menu that add anew library and use * before or the end or middle of component because of the letter that is wiht some's a easy search to find component but using the letter and * symble in important in search.i can hel
New generated AD9288 protel library with footprint. Download and test it from Regards, M.M
You can download it from here: I am going to add more of various libraries. Regards
You can download and try it from here:
Who knows where I can get it? I have checked altium web site, they only are providing XC3S1000 schematic library for higher version Prtoel. Thank you.
Hello: Who has the protel 99SE compatible libraries for the Spartan3 FPGA and XCF family Flash memory? Symbol library and Footprint library are both needed! thanks!
Hello: Who has the protel 99SE compatible libraries for the Spartan3 FPGA and XCF family Flash memory? Symbol library and Footprint library are both needed! thanks!
I'm using protel DXP 2002 Release. But there're so many electronic components that are not existed in its libraries. I have downloaded Lib updated on Altium Website for 2004 Release but they are not compartible with 2002 Release. Is there any tool to convert backward these lib? Added after 4 minutes: [quot
How to create another part in library Manager for Design Capture, just like pads or protel?(for example. I want to create 74HC14 and this component content 6 parts.) My email :
Hi All Sorry if this is a really dumb question. There's probably some obvious answer that I can't see. In Autotrax 1.61, when placing an IC library component such as a DIP14, the rectangular pad indicating pin 1 appears to be on the wrong side. In other words, if I'm looking "through" the board from the solder side at an IC with its semi-ci
Get the datasheet of the part and learn to build new library footprint in protel or pads. They are the most widely used software.
Hi all, I am looking for a PCB footprint of the dsPIC30F6014. The datasheet defines it as 80 Pin TQFP. I use protel 98 for my schematic and pcb development. Regards Rahul
Does anyone know where I can find a list of footprints for components in protel? I have been taught at college that you'd need to enter them individually when you place each component, however I would like to place a potentiometer in a schematic to make my PCB layout and I do not know what to enter as the footprint for the potentiometer. Thanks
Hi to group I have made a translator for eagle pcb libraries to protel dxp2004 pcblib format. Since i have a lot of work and no time is anybody interested to make the integration with schematic library so we both have the libraries as .intlib format.