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Microsoft Office - Visio will be useful. I'll second numbdemon on this. MS Visio can make good looking schematics for paper illustrations. IMHO, OrCAD and Altium/protel produce the best schematics for circuit development.
These zips contain .ddb files Requires protel pcb software?
Be certain to get SP6 at the Altium website. You need it.
I have just installed trial version of Klipper for protell 99SE, put my logo into board. Erros generated by protel : "faild to match all shapes for pcb...". Using GCPreview there was no logo in overlay gerber file and erros in apertures file. What is wrong? Doea anybody use klipper for protel 99se? Immediate help needed...
Hi! I had downloaded once the trial version of protel DXP and i have lost the unzip password. Does anyone have it? Please? :cry:
It is more than likely a bug in the rendering of the print image from the PCB file and nothing to do with the printer. I did a test board and it was the same. The error is present in the print preview image and any printer driver will just reproduce it. After a bit more trial and error work, It looks like the parts (pads) objects are rendered be
I would recommend you to order the free trial CD with protel DXP. It includes a very good beginner toturial in PDF format. It guides you through all processes from schematic and simulation to PCB layout with manual routing and autorouting. protel DXP can only be used with Windows 2000 and XP. If you use Win 9X, ME or NT you should order the (...)
install direct x v9 first reboot uninstall protel completely use regclean and regcleaner too remove all trace of any keys and then reinstall this time before you install copy the trial setups folders etc too hdd folder and navigate too the setup .exe right click on it and set it too be compatible w
There are two options available for downloading Service Pack 2 for protel DXP, depending on whether you are using the full licensed version of protel DXP or the trial Version. Please make your selection below.