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Dear all, Im using PIC18f4550, im writing some data to EEPROM. Then read form the eeprom and write in to another memory.(Just Check) i could not find any error in my code . Please give me some suggestion. in proteus i'm seasoning EEPROM data. Here is the code. // PIC18f4550 Configuration Bit Settings // 'C' source line config stateme
I have doubt that code working in proteus but not on real hardware. But few days back code was worked on hardware too. then what may be the problem.
hello friends , i have to implement pic18f4550 to usb cdc basic demo . if any one have complete communication PC to pic and pic to PC using proteus then step by step information give me. i am confused about endpoint and usb traffic . and also is that any problem if our micro 18f4550 is powered up using usb (...)
hiz i am trying to connect 18f4550 through usb. i used the mikroc pro sample code. its fine when i use proteus and HID terminal. last night i burnt controller and tried. computer is giving no response when i connect the controller. can anyone tell me what is the problem
Hello every one, I have been facing a problem regarding my code for PIC for quite a few days now, I am new to PIC programming in microC since i have only worked on 8051 microcontrollers and keil, I would really appreciate it if some one can kindly tell me what am I doing wrong in the code given below! // code to switch on LED when push button
hi guys I have a project which consist of two pics both are 18f4550 (master and slave using spi ) the problem is when i start the simulation in proteus I didn't find any problem , and everything is ok , But in real life the transmitted data are corrupted and I don't know why ? could anyone please help me, any advise would be appreciable . t
57881 Here is the Windows 7 (x64) unofficial drivers of proteus ISIS USB option.:wink: 57882 Now you can simulate 18f4550 USB examples or etc. in windows 7 x64 (64 bit)! It works! download this:57871
Try on hardware. Sounds like proteus is giving some problems
Hi, You need to try it out with hardware. proteus sometimes dont work properly. :)
This simple code is working in proteus, try out it: call DelayMS 100 mowlw 7 movwf CMCON ;comps off clrf TRISB ;set all portb bit to output clrf PORTB ;and clear the port clrf TRISD ;the same for PORTD clrf PORTD clrf ADCON1 ;Vref+ = Vcc, Vref- = Vss mowlw 2 movw
I am trying to communication Ethernet with PIC18f4550,but i don't have a schematic on proteus,i want to simulate on proteus before making on board,if everyone have a schematic,can you send me on forum?i'am vietnamese,my english i bad,
Hello all, I'm a student and I have a project to do and its based on the PC-PIC (18f4550) communication via USB, and I really need all the help I can get. all I want is: send a command from the PC and control a certain PORT in the MCU (blink Led or whatever) I'm using the C18 and I'm simulating the Project using proteus 7.6SP4. I have all the r
simply I need my computer to detect a usb connection in proteus my sch as shown the crystal is 20Mhz and i setup usb drivers my simple code is the example at the mikroc projects usb read and write unsigned char k; unsigned char userWR_buffer, userRD_bu