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Hi! I have one problem with proteus package for part LTC1864 adc. I try to change the package from DIL08 to TSSOP8 but the package gives me error (red circles) as shown in the attached figure from the PCB layout. Can anyone pointed out what is the problem? 136935 Thank you.
hi, does anybody know of 14 bit adc with spice model for simulation purpose? looking for similar in performance to AD9245. thanks!!
I am using ATMega8A to read adc channel 0 and the code is working in proteus but not on hardware (EasyAVR v7). Here is the code. mikroC PRO AVR project and proteus files attached. Images show circuit, project settings and fuses. I tested LED blinking an all port pins and they work fine. unsigned int adc_rd; (...)
I am using proteus to simulate an atmega32. So I load the code in but it doesnt seem like the interrupt is firing #include #include #ifndef F_CPU #define F_CPU 8000000UL #endif #define BAUD 9600 // define baud #define BAUDRATE ((F_CPU)/(BAUD*16UL)-1) void adcInitialize
Post the proteus file. Where is adc reading code ?
Hi, I'm simulating this circuit of battery charger in proteus and wondering how to convert the result into decimal numbers. Like 14.42 V instead of 14420 mV. PIC Simulator IDE code: 'PROGRAM TO CHARGE LEAD ACID BATTERIES WITH SOLAR PANEL 'USES PIC 16F877 AT 4 MHZ 'AUTHOR SANTHOSH JAYARAJAN 'NOTES: '*********************
Hello, I am designing a voice compression circuit and i use Tc7109 12-bit resolution adc in my circuit, the problem is there is no simulation model for this adc in multisim, orcad, or even proteus. How can I simulate this adc chip? Thanks for your concern.
I am trying to read adc in atmeg 32 .Displaying the data to lcd to a vlot /ammeter project . my problem whenever simulate it on proteus it will hangup on the checking of ADSC conversion /* * vmam.c * * Created: 14-Oct-15 6:44:15 PM * Author: Krishna */ #define F_CPU 16000000UL #include #include #include"l
I complied the code for using adc of lpc2138 in keil4. its hex file is generated but i cant simulate it in proteus. i included header file and all memory locations are correct still it is showing the error " attempt to read undefined register at address E0060010". What is wrong with the simulation?
Hi everybody! I am using the Mikroc compiler with PIC18F2550 and simulating with proteus. I want to print a float value in lcd. It is a current value from the ACS712 hall sensor, but it is not working. The LCD doesn't show anything. The part of the code to display the information is below. If I forgot some important information, please lemme kno
118087 that is the pattern and the code to vary the speed of a stepper motor with push-button how do this function with adc thank you char a,b; void interrupt() { if(intcon.rbif) { if(portb.b4==0) {a++;} if(portb.b5==0) {a--;} if(a==10) a=9; if(a==0) a=1; } intcon.rbif=0; } speed();void speed() {
I need to change duty cycle with adc module. I wrote a program and it changes duty cycle with a warning ("adc conversion started before wait time has expired following previous conversion or channel change") in proteus. how can I fix this ? how can I add a subprogram for interrup? thanks for your help. here is my code: #
hello there i am trying to use the adc0808 with the microcontroller 8051 for a bigger project, so i wanted to test if i get correct output from the adc. To do this i made a temporary circuit and connected data pins to p3, eoc sc clock and ale to the port 0(used pull up too) and i am using only 1 input so i have kept others open and given address ab
Mention which MCU you are using and what clock frequency. Are you just simulating in proteus ? Provide your circuit.
can anybody plzz give the code and schematic diagram for following. i want to do display LCD using adc pins in atmega16. so i m in thought to do it for temperature display using LM35. so plzzzzz send me the code and schematic diagram and i want to execute it in proteus and then do hardware.......plz do help me........awaiting for reply.......
For this I need to interface adc0809 for temperature sensor LM35 with 89v51and want to display temperature on LCD. But after creating HEX code in KEIL, I m facing problem during simulation in Software proteus. Issues: 1. No model specified for adc0809. 2. Simulation failed due to partition analysis error" I m not getting the (...)
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help.
Here I made 0 to 30V voltmeter. I compiled code for XT 4 MHz. Maybe you configured adcONx for 8 MHz. If you want 8 MHz then compile code for HS 8 MHz. If you need XT 4 MHz then configure adcONx properly because proteus is giving warning related to incorrect Tad. If you want for 0 to 10 then replace 25k resistor with 5k and in code change (...)
HI there, any help would be appreciated.. I am trying to read from the AD0831 adc through the SPI inteface in proteus lite sim . It seems that I have set the correct flags and every thing but the adc doesnot communiccate with the micocontroller at all. This is my configuration: SCK is RC3 SDI is RC4 SS is RA5. I think the (...)
I am doing a project with PIC18F45K22. All the registers are configured properly. I am testing the project in both proteus and EasyPIC7. I see a strange problem. When the code inside while(1) executes all the status LEDs, PUMP relay etc... turn as expected but after the while(1) is exected successively then the first statement in while(1) loop whic