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You did not understand what I wrote? You are asking help on the forum, because you, obviously, lack a little bit of knowledge, to be able to get some money from poor students that should not skip classes. If you have some problems with proteus, there is a support forum.
I'm tring do 2 forward 1 back counter. it is like 0-2-1-3-2-4-3-5... I think I make some mistakes and I get mistakes. Can you show me what I did wrong ? I have to design my project on proteus. When I activate proteus, I see 0-4-2-4 on the display. Here are some of the works I've done 157037157038
Thanks for your answers, I found that adding a diode after the filter capacitor to separate the circuit from it fix the problem. It is like the filter capacitor maybe influences the R2, R1, C1 series ?!. I dont think a real circuit will have this problem, something may be wrong with proteus..
Regardless of appraising any simulator tool, you should be aware that even "the best one" can be useless if the code were not programmed with the best practices and/or taking proper care on the timmings to interact with it; at least for me, it worked pretty well even dealing with complex tasks, as for example using a filesystem library. Another po
hi, The .rar is a simulation file in proteus. on the attachments is the circuit print. tks.
ISIS Release 8.09.00 (Build 27865) (C) Labcenter Electronics 1990- 2019. Bidirectional circuit timestep too small error transient GMIN stepping at time=8.40648e-006 transient GMIN stepping at time=8.40648e-006 TRAN: Timestep too small; timestep = 1.25e-019: trouble with instance D30.
Hi, I am designing the PCB layout but some number of components forming the group. I can't able to use this component. I am not able to pick a single component. I have attached the problem image below. Anybody give me the solution for this problem...?156755
Hi, I am designing the PCB layout but some number of components forming the group. I can't able to use this component. I am not able to pick a single component. I have attached the problem image below. Anybody give me the solution for this problem...? 156751
I presume it's a proteus simulator error message? Check if xlcd.h is configured for 4-bit mode (the default). If this is the case, there may a problem that the simulator sees an apparent write access due to initial pin states. Or the LCD component isn't connected according to the expected pin usage.
using the shift register I should be able to shift out the value decimal 11 however this is not workingIt is not clear whether this is not working in simulation environment (once above schematic seems like drawn on ISIS proteus) or on assembled circuit. If you have the means to debug, why not just to see what apeears on the shift reg
I want to do a simulation. Do you have a proteus library of the integrated UC3843? If you can please share.
I want to try smps transformer in proteus. This is the transformer I want to use. should I enter angi settings? Can you help me?
I cannot use proteus but looking at the code it seems you overflow the receive buffer after a few characters have arrived fro the USART. You usechar buf={0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00}; ...... buf=RCREG; rxcount++; but you do not check that "rxcount" has got bigger than 3. Remember you need a zero at the end of the char
220 Ohm is approx. 315 degrees C. You should try different approach for measuring with Pt-100. Connect it to 1mA constant current source and then measure/amplify voltage that dropped on Pt-100. I do not use proteus, or any other simulator, so...
Hello, I already create a new component (CD4094B) in proteus using a c++ source I found somewhere. This source only create a IDSIMMODEL and I had no problem using the created dll in proteus, however I'm trying to create a new component (MIC5800YN) and when I launch the simulation I receive an error saying : The 'createactivedevice' func
Hello All, I'm using dsPIC33FJ32GP204. I'm kind of newbie and sorry for the easy mistakes first of all.I 'm trying to do my research. I wrote a code that in CCS C works well for PIC16F877 using i2c that communicates with eeproms and lcd. But when I copy paste it to the dsPIC33f ( changig with device id) when i use proteus and when I set the dsP
Hello eveyone, I wrote a C code in Atmel Studio for ATmega32. Now I want to debug it in proteus. When I use assembly code I can easily see the Assembly code to do "step in" "step over" and use a breakpoint etc. But when it comes to C programing, I cant see any code to debug it. I load .elf code in proteus. Could anyone give me a help on this iss
Ola a Todos, Estou com problemas para Simular o CIRCUITO INTEGRADO SG3525 NO ISIS proteus Eu n?o estou conseguindo encontrar a BIBLIOTECA DESTE COMPONENTE Será que algum dos colegas pode me ajudar ou enviar a mim a BIBLIOTECA DESTE COMPONENTE para o software proteus isis por favor ? - SG3525 - UC2525 - TL494 Todos estes procurei
I did my simulation on one pc, now i need the same simulation on my laptop, how do i export the project such that i get everything of my simulation on laptop too? I did copy the protues file over, but it only shows the schematic and doesnt run the simulation, "fatal error". Can anyone please help?
Im simulating a 3 phase inverter circuit driven via SVPWM method. Im using Arduino for code. As it can been seen in diagrams, my input in as it should be.But output is weird, I dont know is causing it. I reviewed my design, but I cant find the issue after spending alot of time. Kindly review it, I/P signal and O/P signals are given below along with