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Dual SCR Converter - Is this circuit Correct ? Hi experts, I opened this new thread because this project is different from my earlier project which was SCR Bridge Control. This project is SCR Dual Converter. I have attached the proteus Simulation, proteus Simulation Video and Schematic. Please check the Schematic and tell me if the (...)
Apparently you are shorting R2 by the current measurement circuit, the I and V numbers suggest an effective load resistor of 2.2 ohms. Could it be that you simply misunderstand what you have "clicked together" in your proteus simulation?
How do i design the circuit using proteus professional 7 from the
Hi, i had done simulation on proteus for pure sine wave inverter using pic16f877A and ir2112 it was working fine till the ir2112 output but givig out transient error for the complete inverter output . After reading some articles and blogs i found that it is the problem with proteus. hence i moved towards hardware part, The output from pic is goi
Hi CataM Sorry, This is the circuit I referred. This circuit is drawn by me. I don't want to use pulse transformer. See attached circuit and tell me if Pulse 1 to 4 voltage = 1.2V is correct because that is the Vf of input diode of MOC3021. Also proteus file is included. Gate firing pulses are varying as needed but SCR is al
Pls i wrote a program to on an led when a pushbutton is pressed and off when it is realease. The program looks ok but when i simulated it on proteus, it wasnt working. The program is written in mplab. The code and circuit diagram are in the image. Pls hlp me out. obraz
Hello, My DC to AC converter circuit (attached) does not produce AC output. I have connected a pulse generator to one pair of the bridge switches. The other pair is connected from the same pulse source except that the inputs are inverted through a not gate. 136875 I intend to replace the pulse generators with micro
I see that you drew the circuit diagram with proteus, if you want it to simulate you need to connect the ground symbol to the ground of the voltage regulator and SD card. To work in practice you need input and output capacitors on the 3.3V regulator without them the regulator will oscillate.
I designed and simulated a circuit with proteus 8, I passed to Ares and the circuit looks good but I made a mistake: I used surface mounting resistors and I don't know how to handle this in the real circuit, so I have to change a lot of resistors from surface mounting to t. hole. When designing I copyed almost all (...)
when i am creating audio circuit in proteus DLL error occred some time and some time error shows null wav file is not present please help me...............
134952 The High output and Low output didn't shown any that the connection have problem...Anyone have any idea
Please I tried running a simulation on proteus. An ac source is connected to a step down transformer which is then connected to a bridge rectifier after which the dc output is filtered with a capacitor. I connected an led to indicate if the current was flowing , but it keeps bringing about these error. transient GMIN stepping at time=0.5
Hi, I donīt have proteus. MOCs are working very reliably in many applications. Pulse transformers are working reliably in many applications. Either your circuit is wrong --> read datasheets Or the simultion is wrong. --> build the real circuit. Klaus
Hello everybody, I'm designing a firing circuit for an SCR TIC106D, the datasheet shows a maximum Igt current of 200uA. But if I simulate it in proteus it doesnīt work as expected. Here are some screenshots of my design. I still donīt have the real parts, so I canīt test it. Therefore I was wondering If this would work. 13369
Hello! Everyone, I am trying to make a Dimmer circuit in proteus Using Arduino. In my Simulation, i have three blocks: 1) Arduino Uno 2) Zero Cross Detector circuit 3) TRIAC circuit to Control Lamp All three works properly when tested individually, but when i combined all the circuits, i am getting (...)
Hi, I'm generating SPWM using PIC16F684 microcontroller for inverter circuit . I followed Tahmid's blog link and using his code to get SPWM output. I have simulated the design on proteus i got the similar output as his, but when i build this design on h
I have to simulate a PIC32 based circuit. Please tell me which simulator can i use to achieve that as PIC 32 isnt available in proteus.
Hi everyone, I'm working with SHT15 and Pic16F1513. I'm using MikroC for programming. I have a problem. When I simulate this code to proteus, it works but not work in a real circuit:bang:. Does anyone can help me. This is my code. #define SHT_CLK PORTB.F1 //RB1 pin for CLK #define SHT_DDR_CLK TRISB.F1 //For con
I think proteus does not have an accurate model for the LM324, or all its opamps must be powered.
"stimulation is not running in real time due to excessive CPU overload" This is an almost a 'default' message issued by proteus when in simulation it is added microcontroller core running at high speed clocks. It is just to remind you that the firmware is the bottleneck in circuit simulation. The fact that too

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