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Anyone have proteus library for PIC24HJ256GP610. Or any other software in which I can simulate this microcontroller.
hi, i want to create simulation model of a component which has spice model but the spice model .lib contains lots of sub-circuits. how to create the simulation model? is there any proteus guru here around? thanks!
You have to use the "small memory model" to create the EXE (compatible with the proteus 8086 device). Look at this site (for example):
Hello, I would like to add the HT9200a (DMTF generator) device in proteus 8. However, if I search for it in "devices" panel nothing is found. Do I have to add a custom library or something similar ? I think this is possible because I found another thread with one guy using it (see the device at the bottom) : (...)
Hi, I am trying to figure out how I can make a package for a connector device I have made where only two of the four pins are present in the pcb package. Basically I have a new schematic part I have made to represent both sides of a PCB wire to board connector - one side sits on the PCB and connects to other parts of the circuit board, whils
Hello! First, I apologize for my bad English. I am designed a device in ISIS as shown in the image I have assigned to it a package obrazki
i was designing pcb foot print for 28 pin dip in proteus as the dip inside proteus wont work with atmega328 28 pin dip. 1) i made device in ISIS 2) i made foot print in ARES 3) i saved foot print as package in ARES 4) i assigned that package to the device i made earlier now when i use that device, (...)
Hello,everybody; I got a proteus component model of microphone at this forum that is;ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar(I attached it here) ,but I don't know how to add it to my proteus and use it. Would you please tell me how and in which folder should I place the; ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar / MIC.DSN ,in my proteus software,so that my (...)
I'm trying to simulate a Gsm controlled Led Display device using proteus. I have no idea on how to go about this.
is there any virtual USART device like Virtual GSM modem,virtual bluetooth module,virtual GPS devices that can be interfaced with proteus ?
hi i m trying to interface DS1307 with AT89S51 but the problem is, i successfully write the time in RTC but fail to read. i checked on proteus. i use this protocol for reading start (release start bit) device add. (send device add. #0D0h) get byte (send clock only and get data fomr RTC) stop (release stop (...)
For simple 2-layers PCBs proteus is a best tool that can let you trace and prepare for production in 2-3 hours. If you want to work with differential pairs, parallel busses you better use Altium Designer. But it need very powerfull PC also.
I want to use the hc-sr04 sensor with ATMEGA32 in proteus 7 but i cannot find the device. I cannot find a library that has the device. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, First sorry for my poor English. I want to simulate the WS2812B chip in proteus but there is no available component or part related to this device in proteus (neither WS2811 nor 5050 smd LED). I read the datasheet of this device ( ) but unable to create the circuit to generate the similar wavefo
Youtube: Basic Code device=16F628A Xtal=20 All_Digital true Hserial_Baud 9600 ' Setting Baud rate TXSTA.5=1 ' setting Transmit Enable Bit RCSTA.7=1 RCSTA.4=1 RX VAR PORTB.1 TX VAR PORTB.2 '------------------------------
Hi , I wish to know If i can simulate Usb Mass Storage Class in proteus with the PIC18F as host . I have ran several other examples in which the PIC acts as an device , so the computer loads the driver sucessfully and the thum drive can be seen in the Explorer and files inside can be edited or copied . But now i want to use the PIC to detect
Hi, I'm trying to read ROM code from DS18B20 using AtTiny2313. DS18B20 gives presense signal as it supposed to. Then I sent 0x33 command and read 8 bytes. I read 8 non-0xFF bytes. but they are not representing the ROM code (LS byte isn't 0x28). I tested it in proteus and in real device. the result is similar - just 8 numbers (diffrent for (...)
Hi there! I am basically a newbie in microcontrollers and proteus VSM. I am not sure if i posted this on the right category. I want to create a project in proteus VSM using a microcontroller and I don't know which PIC16 IC will I use. I can't understand assembly but I have used Arduino for about six months now. I have read about writing in
how's the connection between this device? and i want to use proteus to simulate my program.. i do this connection and i try swapping rx and tx but still cannot communicate with each devices usb-uart -------- GSM Shield RX -------------- RX(Pin 3) TX (...)
Hello Members, I need help in designing a schmitt trigger schematic using the LM311 opamp. I want to convert 110V-AC pure sine wave into a square wave so I can then feed this to a MCU and measure the period of the 110V-AC. What I have in mind so far is to step down the 110 to about 12V-AC but I am not sure of how to connect the LM311. Also, I am