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Maybe itīs in the .dsn files, but I canīt open it ...and considering that this file extension isn't supported anymore by the most recent proteus releases, it gives the strong impression that it is not his own project.
You have to use the "small memory model" to create the EXE (compatible with the proteus 8086 device). Look at this site (for example):
Hello,everybody; I got a proteus component model of microphone at this forum that is;ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar(I attached it here) ,but I don't know how to add it to my proteus and use it. Would you please tell me how and in which folder should I place the; ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar / MIC.dsn ,in my proteus software,so (...)
Nice job, thanks. It might be worth to adding a keypad (1-wire analog) to set the clock. An alarm function (using a buzzer) also can be useful ... The 12f1840 has usable pins yet ;-) ;-). Do you can attach the proteus simulation (dsn) also in ver7 (not v8) form? Regards zuisti
Post your proteus file This image is from proteus: 112800 Please send me dsn with 4078. Thanks.
No one can help you without your source. Attach the entire project folder (in a RAR) and the used proteus dsn file (max. v7.10 please). A note: instead of the 4 * hc138 use only one hc154 like me: (this is a 2-sheet dsn !!)
What are errors in your schematic..? Post your proteus file *.dsn file
Generating Bill of Materials using script '1. HTML Output'... Generating netlist to obtain parts database... #I:Compiling design 'E:\PCB\8051 PROGRAMMER .dsn'. %C=0001,00000023 Generating internal BOM database... ERROR: Part '7447' was added to 21 categories. ERROR: Part '7805' was added to 21 categories. ERROR: Part '8051' was added to 21 c
can someone help me extracting .dsn file from .pdsprj file in proteus 8.0.
Can anybody confirm whether UART1 and UART2 Rx of proteus 7.x model for PIC16F45K22 works or not? I have spent 2 hours and only Tx is working. The same code works with other models.
I can help you if you send the proteus file in 7.x format. I don't have proteus 8. Also mention Crystal frequency.
Hi jean12; As I promised I made and uploaded a project, just as you wished: it uses a PIC16F876A, three 8x8 LED matrices, a 4017 (instead of LS138) with ULN2803, and three HC164 (instead of HC595). There are also a Start-Stop switch (see the dsn). Note this is a proteus-only project, I hope it works also in the reality, try it. But do
The program and circuit I attached I wrote as a simple example of the problem. When you do BSF or BCF in series like this: BSF PORTA,0 BCF PORTA,2 And there are some capacitance on pin, it may be that bit 0 at PORTA has not yet hit high level when it is readed by BCF command. And this way it is read as 0 and stored as 0 by next comma
proteus file..
84608 In the design, a 400V DC is turned on and off,buf the output voltage is 80V. I am new learner, please help me. Thank you. dsn and hex are in the attachment. Niu
When I try to simulation the following design in proteus, the software always shows that timestep too small,trouble with node....(the node about the switches).When i delete the switches circuit,the simulation can work well. Help me ,please! 84342
Seems it's a part of a column-scanning system but I see some problems. If you are working in proteus and using MikroC then attach here the complete project (dsn and all sources in a ZIP), only then can we help you.
Dear All My LCD 4bit mode program is not working. Can any one please advice me what are the errors with my codes. No compile errors, Please find the attachment for dsn file for proteus #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 // 4 MHz clock __CONFIG(0X3F39); #define LCD_EN RB3 #define LCD_RS RB5 #define LCD_RW RB4 #define LC
any body help ...proteus 7 Professional is ok , but hex file write my pic16f628a not raining my Dotmatrix. all led blinking so how to problem? Hi md.rokon; The there used dsn is mine, but the HEX program does not !! Look at my answer to your other thread:
zip and post your proteus .dsn file. --------------Update-------------------- It is working. Add these codes TRISE = 0b100; PORTE = 0x00; ADCON1 = 0b10100111; CMCON = 0x07;