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From version 7.7 in the proteus_inst_dir/SAMPLES folder exists some example project wich contains a .vsmp file. For example see the simple "PIC 12C671 ADC" (the complete project folder is attached), or look at the project "C18 Calculator" Here is the "PIC12C671 ADC Converter.vsmp":
Hi, everybody?Who can help me to simulate DOT Matrix with proteus ,I do not have any problem about circuit but the needed help is for programming dot matrix and OLED,how to code for it in ccs c compiler? Help me please to display for example KJB,I am using PIC16F877A.
Hello I don't know proteus, but how did you model your transformer? Can you provide some details? Vlad
Hi; This is a Labcenter's proteus example project (full, working in ISIS, but coded in IAR C language). Sorry, no more help, try to understand the program and the circuit!
This is the schematic for easypic7 which has the board cirucuit built in easypic_v7_schematic_v103.pdf and this is another example I found 079-touchclock.html Found this ol
In on of my project i need PWM out put through the specific port by PIC MUC. So that i found an example code of PWM in my compiler(MikroC ) 'HELP' desk. but problem is that it doesn't work. for the simulation purpose i'm using proteus. I can show the example code of that if want. Now what can if fixed that problem ? An other thing, can any (...)
I see, that you have a stop start sequence between address write and data read. The datasheets requests a repeated start instead. Even if it isn't a problem with the real chip (I don't actually know), it may be a problem for proteus.
there are many devices around for example a733 as a transistor. but there is a problem: orcad does not have all of them what should I do? what about proteus?
HOW TO configure lm016l in proteus using16f877A
I m just learning MikroC with pic 16F887. I try to use MikroC example to simulate with proteus. but it doesn't work i don know why? please help me. when i compile it succes but when i try to simulate with proteus it doen't show me any working. By using mikroc function how may clock oscilator should we used? /* In this example,
proteus has many example projects included, just select help -> sample designs Alex
I am trying to build a humidity sonsor using HS1101 and 555 timer. The humidity is calculated based on the freuency. And I found several coding example and combiled them to find the frequency first using Mikroc pro. But when I run that in the proteus nothing displays on the virtual terminal. But the serial communication is working. The entire codin
here is my example program that i try to send character one by one throw uart. it is ok. but when i try to send text. it doesn't work. can any body give some example? i use Mikro C Programming compiler. void main() { const i = 'C'; UART1_Init(19200); while(1){ UART1_Write(i); delay_ms(1000); } } thank!!
i want to use adc of atmega16 in proteus .how can i give analog voltage to adc channel in proteus
I know there are many threads on how to build these projects but I really would like to know the basics. It feels better to make my own code without copying and pasting from others work. I already understand how to use shift register 595 and I'm scanning the LEDs with a johnson counter 4022. I'm already done with displaying static letter. So fa
One possible solution (attached, from a proteus example):
My sugestion is to learn someting about simultators that itegrates firmware and hardware ( as proteus for example ). This way you can reach a good level of knowledge before assemble some circuit in practice. Other beneficits of that decision is the fact to you be sure your project will have a better chance to work due it was previous
Iam doing casual project on INFRARED REMOTE SWITCHING SYSTEM...i want to simulate it on proteus but i am not finding TSOP 1738 remote sensor in da components. IS there any equvalent circuit which replaces that circuit plzz give me some idea.
Hi. I'm new to assembly language.I'm doing running light using 25 leds and pic18f8720. Testing on proteus. I'm unable to make it work. Kindly see the attached source code and proteus dsn file. Hope someone can correct my mistakes here. Using INT0 as reset interrupt. Timer delay is 1 sec. Source asm, hex and dsn files here: [url=htt
Hello, I am trying to interface graphic LCD 240x128 (part: T240128 v1.1) with PIC16F877A. I used MicroC compiler's example coding & also simulated on proteus. On proteus simulation, LCD worked alright, but when i set up the hardware, LCD is showing only a bar of line (Sometimes on top, or middle or bottom (after resetting)). I have adjust