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I need a library file proteus lcd nokia all types .... I will plan to make lcd tester tool nokia, because there are several types of lcd nokia yanga same
Im using 128x64(LM12468L) glcd with pic18f4550 and CCS. I use HDM46GS12 driver. First i developed a firmware without using "FAST lcd" it properly worked in proteus. but it didnt work when it is impemented. Then i used "Fast lcd" & it worked properly. But it takes more RAM space(50%). I want 70% ram space for other I (...)
I am designing a digital clock using 89s52 and lcd. My simulation on proteus is working perfectly, now i try to implement it on breadboard but the lcd is not giving me any response, i have double checked my connection. This is my first implemention of a circuit using lcd, what am i not doing well?
I have written a C code for 89s52 16*2 lcd. The lcd is displaying same garbage everytime i connect to it. Upon hitting my keyboard buttons, the display changes but the pattern of changes is the same. Also, lcd starts displaying from the 9th character of first row. I'm putting my code below here. The code is working fine on (...)
You haven't attached any picture, do you mean a SIL connector (pin header 100mil spacing), proteus has CONN-SIL8 , you can use two of them or use a CONN-SIL18 and remove the 2 pins Alex
I have a suggestion for you. If you have proteus then you will find one calculator project buit-in. Just study that! Thankyou
i connected to the same port since it was defined like that in the header file "lcd.h" I now changed the lcd port to port D. I am obtaining the output in port D when I simulated it in avr studio. But nothing is happening in proteus.
Hello, I am trying to interface graphic lcd 240x128 (part: T240128 v1.1) with PIC16F877A. I used MicroC compiler's example coding & also simulated on proteus. On proteus simulation, lcd worked alright, but when i set up the hardware, lcd is showing only a bar of line (Sometimes on top, or middle or bottom (...)
Hello all I try to simulate schematic which work OK on my protoboard. This "application" is used for measuring temperature from DS18B20. When I clicked "run" at simulation, lcd work ok, but not showing temperature, as not reading DS18B20? Any ideas what I can change or do? I include my files...
Dear friends: I am working with proteus 7.7 and making a simulation with a lcd module 16x04. I am using only two wires to make conection between microprocessor and lcd module and a shift-register to convert serial to parallel datas. The simulation start ok and after some seconds the characteres desappear or appear some stranger (...)
my code compiles fine.but whenever i run the simulation in proteus it gives me error like stack overflow. but when i comment the statement in red it simulates fine without any error.please help me. :sad: // lcd pinout settings sbit lcd_RS at RD2_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RD3_bit; sbit (...)
hello , im new to lcd module,i wrote a C code using mikroC help files,its working proteus but when i make that one it didnt work,, can somebody give me hex code for check the 2x16 lcd display and connections. Anybody...?:roll:
You can also use a simulator, ( proteus, for example ) to check if program behave like expected.
hello everybody, im new . this forum has been helping me a lot lately. this is my problem, im trying to display floating point on the lcd i have interfaced with my PIC18F4550 in proteus usin this code void main(){ har buf; lcd_init(); // initialization of lcd lcd_Cmd(_lcd_CLEAR); (...)
:-Di want to display the sms when i received from mobile that connect with pic 16f877a but when i run the simulater proteus the program don't work i don't know the error
Hii to ervy one :) I'm getting a warning about an undifined INVERT! I don't know what the problem might be :S here is my schematic and hex code...51427 Thank you in advance for your time and help
i have no skill to do this program for my project. i have to finish a project that :razz:to activate password for security home. so, i need ur help how to do password program in CCS complier and proteus. I must do a keypad, lcd and push button to do this program. Can u help me. I just now learn about proteus and CCS complier. but i want more (...)
Go for proteus issued by labcenter electronics........ Very nice one....... You will find there all you want....... Regards, JErin. :-)
The address of the second line in proteus may be different from the hardware. You can check this in properties of lcd in proteus
Hi, You need to show your program code and actual circuit diagram, plus proteus. Assume you have fitted the contrast contol across pins 1,2,3 and tried adjusting it both ways ?