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hello,i wanted to interface 2 atmega8 ic through SPI and i wrote theise code as Master and Slave but when i execute the code in circuit in proteus app it wrote "Testing" in lcd but then nothing and the transfer cant complete wnd the code freezing in the code line: while(! (SPSR &(1<
I am trying to read ADC in atmeg 32 .Displaying the data to lcd to a vlot /ammeter project . my problem whenever simulate it on proteus it will hangup on the checking of ADSC conversion /* * vmam.c * * Created: 14-Oct-15 6:44:15 PM * Author: Krishna */ #define F_CPU 16000000UL #include #include #include"l
Hi, I need the proteus model for any segmented lcd (1,2,4 or 8 digit(s)). I would like to interface it with the built in lcd driver module of MSP430. This is a hobby project to fiddle an old product. I did some google search but I find only alphanumeric display/7 segment simulation related. Any of your inputs would be helpful (...)
I'm not familiar with proteus, but shouldn't you provide a polarsation voltage to the pin of display which adjusts the lcd contrast ?
Post the circuit if possible in proteus format. I will have a look at your code and try to fix the problems. Also zip and post the complete mikroC project files. In your code it doesn't show the sbit defines for the lcd.
Please help me where is the problem in the below program, In proteaus simulation it works very fine and reads as I required, but when working with circuit it is not reading the adc but displaying some other junk values from where I don't know & being on change in values, totally it is not reading while working in circuit, anybody please correct the
Hi everybody! I am using the Mikroc compiler with PIC18F2550 and simulating with proteus. I want to print a float value in lcd. It is a current value from the ACS712 hall sensor, but it is not working. The lcd doesn't show anything. The part of the code to display the information is below. If I forgot some important information, please (...)
hello to all ... I simulate a graphic lcd 64*128 in proteus and program the micro with codevision avr and atmega64 but just show some point! did you know whats the wrong? tnx from your good site the schematic and code is here 117920 #include #include lcd.h> #include void main(void)
This is Multiple I2C lcd code. It is written using CCS C Compiler version 5.044. This si tested in proteus and also EasyPIC v7 development board with 2 x 20x4 lcds. lcds should be HD44780 or compatible. I have used I2C lcds and I2C lcd modules from Banggood. I will soon post mikroC PRO (...)
Mention which MCU you are using and what clock frequency. Are you just simulating in proteus ? Provide your circuit.
can anybody plzz give the code and schematic diagram for following. i want to do display lcd using ADC pins in atmega16. so i m in thought to do it for temperature display using LM35. so plzzzzz send me the code and schematic diagram and i want to execute it in proteus and then do hardware.......plz do help me........awaiting for reply.......
hello friends i am facing some problems while interafcing PIC18F4550 witl Glcd. i am using Mikroc 6.00 compiler, and using built in libraries present in MIKROC. i am attaching my code here, and also a proteus model. if i comment the line No. 173 and 174 then lcd is displaying. but when i uncomment thease lines then nothing is showing (...)
problem in displaying on lcd is that it slows down decrementing my duty. unsigned int adc_data; unsigned char analog_selected = 0; unsigned char str; unsigned short duty1=255; float form1; // lcd Module connections sbit lcd_RS at RD0_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RD1_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at RD7_bit; sbit (...)
Hello, I am working on a project which is very simple. I am interfacing Glcd with Arduino in proteus and also simulating this circuit. The library of Glcd for Arduino is not working also and it gives the simulation error so I have created it my own. Now the problem is that when I am trying to display any character on (...)
Hello All I have problem with lcd that has controller ts1620-1 where lcd can not display character, I write code in mikroC-PRO software and it is working good on simulation of proteus but in real work it is not display any thing till the POT resistor is not working with light control. Note : the lcd use in MikroC pro (...)
Here is the code for pic18f4580 #include #include #include /* #define RS RB6 #define EN RB7 #define D0 RC0 #define D1 RC1 #define D2 RC2 #define D3 RC3 #define D4 RC4 #define D5 RC5 #define D6 RC6 #define D7 RC7 */ #include "lcdtest2.h" void main() { int i; //char str;
My project is I2C lcd with ATMEGA1284. Project tested in proteus and also mikroElektronika EasyAVR v7 dev board. Code is written in mikroC PRO AVR compiler and uses TWI library. mikroC PRO AVR files and proteus file are attached.
Nice job, thanks. It might be worth to adding a keypad (1-wire analog) to set the clock. An alarm function (using a buzzer) also can be useful ... The 12f1840 has usable pins yet ;-) ;-). Do you can attach the proteus simulation (DSN) also in ver7 (not v8) form? Regards zuisti
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help.
HI everyone! I want to develop an interface for a project. On this Interface There is an I2C 2x16 lcd (attached datasheet), SPI communication with main board,UART for debugging. The micro controller used is a PIC18F26K22 (attached schematic). The problem is, the lcd won't display anything. I tested the I2C in proteus, and with (...)